Rolls-Royce’s MTU Making Waves in Microgrid Development, Power Generation

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Kevin Normandeau, publisher of Microgrid Knowledge, took a few minutes at Microgrid 2020 Global to learn more about MTU. Normandeau interviewed Cordelia Thielitz, vice president of microgrid solutions at Rolls-Royce, about optimizing energy, providing reliable energy in a “green fashion,” and MTU’s position in the microgrid space.

MTU is known for its diesel generators and gas systems. 

“We are active in different business fields; active in the marine space, stationary applications, and power generation and defense … but primarily, we have developed our product into complete systems, and they are on a very exciting journey, delivering complete solutions in the energy space,” said Thielitz. 

Normandeau asked, “Who is it that MTU helps?”

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“We help a whole range of industries actually,” said Thielitz.

These include more than 40 industries such as hospitals, universities, commercial industrial facilities, shipyards, harbors and utilities.

“And, at the end of the day, it’s all about cost and optimizing the electricity and heat that flows, to provide this energy in a variant fashion, decarbonized and environmentally friendly,” Thielitz said. 

“So, what is MTU going to bring to the microgrid market?” Normandeau asked.

Thielitz said MTU stands out in the marketbecause of its “absolutely dedicated team” that brings reliable “green energy solutions to life.”

Microgrids and clean energy are in the company’s “DNA,” according to Thielitz.

Thielitz described new microgrid control system development as the “heart and key to microgrids.”

She noted that microgrid solutions can be both cost-effective and green.

Ultimately, climate change includes big shifts, and companies’ visions will shift naturally to modern microgrid solutions.

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