Resilient Palisades Issues Solicitation in First Phase of Pali Microgrid

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Resilient Palisades (RP), a nonprofit group, has issued a solicitation for solar and battery system contractors as part of Phase I of Pali Microgrid, a community microgrid it is planning in Pacific Palisades, California.

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The Pali Microgrid is expected to be one of the first community microgrids in the US installed in an established residential community.

The organization intends to select one or more firms to provide the solar and storage services to residents in Pacific Palisades.

Proposals are due Nov. 3. However, Resilient Palisades said it will consider extending the deadline upon request to

Interested homeowners will have to pledge by May 1, 2022, to install a system at the Pali Microgrid price. The organization intends to have installations complete by Dec. 31, 2022.

According to the RFP, the intent of Phase I of the Pali Microgrid is to lower the cost of solar energy and battery storage installations through the power of bulk purchasing, reduce contractor acquisition costs and transfer savings to homeowners and business owners of the Palisades.

The project also will solicit participation from homeowners through coordinated outreach and education programs. Resilient Palisades hopes to substantially increase the number of solar energy systems and battery storage installations in a way that can be sustained beyond the time frame of Phase I.

In Phase 1, the organization also intends to:

  • Help homeowners receive the education they need to feel comfortable about the cost and the commitment to make an investment in solar power and battery storage.
  • Collect, through the selected contractor(s), a per watt fee ($0.15/W) for solar installations and a per watt/hour fee for battery storage ($.02/Wh) that will help pay for project management, outreach and microgrid design.
  • Select one or more firms with a record of integrity in business practices and responsiveness to customers.
  • Select one or more firms that will provide a reliable single point of contact so that participants feel comfortable and confident with the process of purchasing high quality PV solar arrays and battery storage. 
  • Assist and educate homeowners regarding saving money, improving home comfort, generating clean electricity and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 
  • Establish a referral system with selected contractor(s) to begin after the program closes, and to continue for an additional 12 months, wherein RP will refer interested community members to the selected contractor(s), and the selected contractor(s) will pay RP a flat rate of $500 for every completed project that results from said referrals. 

See the full solicitation here.

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