Residential Demand Response Yields 5 to 23% Savings: Opower

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Opower’s new residential demand response program has yielded 23% savings in homes with load control devices and peak rebate rates. Homeowners that have taken voluntary action – such as changing thermostat settings –have seen 5% savings. As a result, the company is expanding its program to include one million customers, said Tom Mercer, group product manager.

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  1. thomas Chappell says:

    Behavioral response leaves less margin for error . human interaction can work for or against. Most programamble thermostats allow for comfort control prior to weather . A savy homeowner who installs a programable devise is the same homeowner who will take advantage of the benefits .. Meaning that the installation was done with intent…however most of the older homeowners , boomers are simply not interested in thinking about ROI and purchace to return rate …The savings stretch and life expectancy are miles apart

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