What Was the Most Popular Energy Efficiency Markets Podcast in August?

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What Was the Most Popular Energy Efficiency Markets Podcast This Month?

Visitors to Energy Efficiency Markets can’t “see” how many people are listening to our podcasts.  In fact, most don’t understand that our listeners generally come from a number of places—including itunes–instead of only Energy Efficiency Markets.

However, an informal review of our podcast statistics revealed that since we’ve launched this website, the number of downloads per podcast has pretty much doubled.

And which podcasts are most popular? Often, we’re surprised when we dig into the statistics and uncover the most popular podcasts. In August, the winner was “A Home Run For Energy Efficiency in Michigan,” which describes some of Consumer Energy’s innovative strategies for attracting energy efficiency customers.

The second most popular podcast this month was “How To  Get Utilities To Take Risks and Embrace Innovation,” an interview with the Advanced Energy Economy about what keeps utilities from embracing innovation and how to overcome those obstacles.

If you’re interested in pitching a podcast idea to us, hopefully you’ll glean something from this news. Don’t pitch an interview about a product or service; find a broad angle with wide appeal.

Our podcast has more than 220,000 subscribers and gains about 400 new subscribers a day. You can subscribe here:

https://itunes.apple.com/podcast/energy-efficiency-markets/id274303095. Email Lisa@energyefficiencymarkets.com with your ideas. And keep these two popular podcasts in mind when you’re pitching us!

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