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USDA Funding for Rural Energy Efficiency and Renewables

Farmers and small business owners can now apply for funds to install rural energy efficiency or renewable energy improvements, offered through the new 2015 Rural Energy for America Program (REAP). REAP allows farmers, ranchers and other small business owners to save money on their energy bills, reduce America's dependence on foreign oil, support … [Read more...]

Solar Microgrids and the Rural Exodus

Abhishek Gupta, president at Sunipod of Mumbai, India, reports on how solar microgrids benefit the economics of rural villages. Our biggest cities are facing increasing pressure on their infrastructure. Rural migration to urban locations has been a constant since the industrial revolution where the rural population comes to Urbania looking for … [Read more...]

USDA Offers New Rural Energy Efficiency Grants and Loan Guarantees

Rural energy efficiency grants and loans guarantees are now available through the US Department of Agriculture for small rural businesses and agricultural producers. In all, the USDA is offering $12.3 million in grants and $57.8 million in loans for both energy efficiency and renewable energy projects through this solicitation. The USDA is … [Read more...]

Rural Utilities to Offer $250 Million in Energy Efficiency Loans

The US Department of Agriculture plans to channel up to $250 million to rural utilities for energy efficiency projects in businesses and homes. "Energy efficiency retrofitting can shrink home energy use by 40 percent, saving money for consumers and helping rural utilities manage their electric load more efficiently," said Agriculture Secretary Tom … [Read more...]

Rural Energy for America Program

The Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) provides financial assistance to agricultural producers and rural small businesses in rural America to purchase, install, and construct renewable energy systems; make energy efficiency improvements to non-residential buildings and facilities; use renewable technologies that reduce energy consumption; and … [Read more...]

Applications Open for Microgrid Greater Good Award 2020…New Category Announced

Microgrid greater good awards

Microgrid Knowledge today opened nominations for its next round of Microgrid Greater Good Awards and set a Feb. 15, 2020 deadline for applications. The winners will be announced at Microgrid 2020, which will be held June 2-3 in Philadelphia, Pa. The Microgrid Knowledge Greater Good Award recognizes microgrids that fill a clear societal … [Read more...]

Partner With Microgrid Knowledge

Navigant Research forecasts a $31 billion market for microgrids by 2027. Such growth is no surprise when you consider the pressing energy problems microgrids solve. For high tech economies, microgrids provide the clean, reliable, high quality power they need to stay competitive. For the developing world, microgrids offer first-time access to basic … [Read more...]

Traveling the Toughest Miles to Bring Light: the Manipur Microgrid Project

Manipur microgrids

Some microgrids are easy to install; others not so much. The Manipur microgrids found in remote India fall on the far side of ‘not so much.’ Workers trekked many miles of steep, mountainous, often unpaved terrain to install inverterless, DC solar-storage microgrids in 3,026 homes across 112 villages in 10 districts spread out over a large … [Read more...]

Electricity comes to Nigeria, but who will use it?


Rocky Mountain Institute's Andrew Allee describes a problem arising out of electrification in Nigeria. Minigrids are bringing electricity to rural areas, but residents do not benefit if they cannot afford appliances. In early 2018, a solar minigrid installation transformed energy access in Gbamu Gbamu, a Nigerian town 45 minutes from the … [Read more...]

India’s Largest Power Company Plans 10,000 Microgrids, Swelling the Global Count

Tata Power

India's largest integrated power company, Tata Power, plans to set up 10,000 renewable microgrids by 2026, more than double the number of microgrid projects identified in the world today. In unveiling the plan Monday, Tata Power said the scale of the endeavour will make the company the largest microgrid developer and operator in the … [Read more...]