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Battery/Diesel Grid-connected Microgrids: A Case Study of Future Microgrid Capabilities

Introduction As large scale battery technology and economies of scale continue to improve, many industrial utilities are investigating the use of battery technology as the basis for Grid Energy Storage Systems (GESS) which will likely be part of future microgrid systems. Based in Victoria, Australia, AusNet Services, the state’s largest energy … [Read more...]

The 10 Questions to Ask When You Hear the Word “Microgrid”


As microgrids grow in popularity, suddenly all kinds of projects are described as microgrids, even if they are not quite. To figure out out if a microgrid is a microgrid, ask these questions outlined by Kaitlyn Bunker of the Rocky Mountain Institute.  Both SDG&E’s demonstration project in Borrego Springs, Calif., (recently heralded for … [Read more...]

Microgrid Global Innovation Forum to Examine Business Models for Rural and Grid-Connected Microgrids

One of the key challenges facing microgrids in remote, rural, and off-grid environments is a viable business model that is replicable and will attract investors.  Although each situation is unique, achieving this kind of template will help enable microgrids to serve the 1.6 billion people on the planet who currently do not have access to power.  In … [Read more...]

Northern Power Opts for Elegance, Simplicity in Microgrid Technology

modular microgrids

Peter Asmus, of Navigant Research, describes a Vermont company's remaking of its microgrid technology play with roots that go back to 2002. Founded in 1974, Northern Power Systems (NPS) of Barre, Vermont, is returning to its microgrid roots, strengthening its market-leading position as the wind turbine of choice for microgrids with recent … [Read more...]

Disruptive Energy for Good or Bad?

The die is cast. Disruptive energy -- in the form of solar plus energy storage -- will upend the U.S. electric grid as we know it over the next three decades. That’s the implication of a new report, “The Economics of Load Defection,” by the Rocky Mountain Institute and Homer Energy. The falling price of solar-plus-storage creates “a real and … [Read more...]

Microgrids:  Pursuit of a Public Good


Ryan Franks, of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, explains why microgrids are a public good and how NEMA is working to overcome challenges to their development. There is a philosophical way to think about the contribution microgrids can make to the world: that electricity can be thought of as a public good much like public … [Read more...]

3rd National Conference on Microgrids

A three-day conference on capitalizing on Microgrids for improved system energy efficiency, reliability and providing enabling technologies for grid independence. This conference will highlight the following topics: Deploying Microgrids for achieving strategic energy objectives, such as developing storage capacity and increasing energy … [Read more...]

Honeywell to Install New Military Microgrid at Fort Bragg

Honeywell  will in one stroke tackle the problems of both energy efficiency and security with a new military microgrid at Fort Bragg. The $3.4-million military microgrid will use advance controls to network new and existing backup generators for multiple buildings at the North Carolina Army base. It is the first application of this technology … [Read more...]

Deregulate to Spur Microgrid Development

How do we spur more microgrid development? Deregulate, says Imergy Power Systems' CEO Bill Watkins. The alternative is the energy equivalent of the Princess Phone. What is the single, most crucial energy policy change needed in the US to spur microgrid development? Deregulate the market and let people compete to sell electricity and other … [Read more...]

Join Our New Group on LinkedIn: Microgrid Knowledge

We’re hearing about the emerging microgrid market at almost every turn. Major players are quickly moving into the microgrid space: engineering firms, energy service companies, power plant and transmission developers, manufacturers, control technology companies and others. They see a strong need for this technology in the US. Microgrids solve a … [Read more...]