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From Home Microgrid to Virtual Power Plant in Rural Vermont

A new low-income community in rural Vermont demonstrates that the home microgrid is not just for the wealthy. The Clean Energy Group worked with local utility Green Mountain Power (GMP) and other partners to bring the systems -- solar plus storage with microgrid controls -- to 14 modular homes in Addison County. It may be the only modular … [Read more...]

Global Facility On Mini-Grids: Accelerating Electricity Access for the Rural Poor

The World Bank explains how mini-grids are accelerating electricity access for the rural poor and describes programs and funding to help. The World Bank will delve deeper into the topic at "Upscaling Mini Grids for Least Cost and Timely Access to Electricity Services," which will be held in Nairobi, Kenya on May 23-27. About 1.2 billion people … [Read more...]

Rural Microgrids in India and Global Energy Storage Market News

ABB and the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM) have agreed to work jointly to design and build rural microgrids. Thousands of Indian villages are still un-electrified; microgrids have the potential to power them, reducing dependence on expensive diesel fuel and the grid. Along with ABB equipment, the rural microgrids will enable … [Read more...]

A Wind Power Microgrid for Off-grid Rural Russia and a Second Life for PEV Batteries

Wind power microgrid for rural far-east Russia Mitsui & Co. is reporting that a pilot wind power microgrid project in an isolated Russian township began operations earlier this year. There are several hundred off-grid areas in Russia, many of them in harsh climates, which receive electricity from local power sources. The cost of fuel … [Read more...]

Powerhive’s Rural Microgrid Mission Gets $20M Infusion from Eight Investors

Powerhive continued to show itself as a company to watch in the rural microgrid market with a $20 million infusion this week from eight investors, including manufacturing giant Caterpillar. Based in California, Powerhive was an early mover in developing rural microgrids in Kenya, where it has operated since 2012. The $20 million marks the … [Read more...]

In Rural India, Solar Microgrids Show Mixed Success

As India looks to bring electricity to the quarter of its population still without it, nonprofit groups are increasingly turning to solar microgrids to provide power to the nation’s villages. But the initiatives so far have faced major challenges, as described here by Fred Pearce, a contributing writer for Yale Environment 360, where this article … [Read more...]

Growing Market for Remote Microgrids in Rural, Cold Regions

Microgrids in remote, cold regions provide numerous benefits, including reducing the use of diesel fuel. That's why there's a growing market for remote microgrids and energy storage in these areas, says Jim McDowall, business development manager for Saft America’s ESS Business Unit. The company recently delivered its cold-weather battery storage … [Read more...]

Remote Microgrids Bring Electricity and Income to Rural Areas: Kilowatts for Humanity

Remote microgrids are bringing electricity and income to rural areas through Kilowatts for Humanity, a non-profit organization that began as research projects at Seattle University. In one project, for example, in Filibaba, Zambia, Kilowatts for Humanity built a 2-KW solar-powered microgrid that serves as an electricity kiosk. In addition to … [Read more...]

Microgrid Global Innovation Forum to Examine Business Models for Rural and Grid-Connected Microgrids

One of the key challenges facing microgrids in remote, rural, and off-grid environments is a viable business model that is replicable and will attract investors.  Although each situation is unique, achieving this kind of template will help enable microgrids to serve the 1.6 billion people on the planet who currently do not have access to power.  In … [Read more...]

Quick Microgrid News…International Alliance Plans NA Microgrids…District Energy Expanding…User-friendly Rural Microgrids

In this week's Quick Microgrid News... Ontario utility PowerStream and the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) have signed an agreement to develop demonstration microgrids and smart grid projects in Canada and market and sell the technology in North America. The two companies plan to build the projects over  over the next three to five … [Read more...]