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Opower’s IPO and Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Opower’s founders Dan Yates and Alex Laskey announced the start of the company’s IPO today in a blog that took a walk down memory lane. The founders showed how far the company has come  by resurrecting a back-of-an-envelope doodle from its infancy in 2006. Yates and Laskey had sketched what look like coal trains, bar charts and dollar signs … [Read more...]

The Opower IPO is a Testament to Behavioral Energy Efficiency, but it’s Time to Take it to the Next Level

Congratulations to Opower on its initial public offering today. Dan, Alex and the team there have done great work, especially helping utilities achieve energy efficiency compliance mandates. But as I sit back and think about the state of our industry, I can’t help but wonder…is this it? And if it isn’t, where do we go from here? By no means am I … [Read more...]

Opower Files Confidential IPO, Says the Wall Street Journal

Opower has submitted a confidential filing for an initial public offering, according to a Feb. 12 article by the Wall Street Journal that cites unnamed sources. Speculation has been circulating for months that the behavioral energy efficiency firm has plans to go public. Opower has retained Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs Group to lead the IPO … [Read more...]

How Opower Sells Energy Efficiency to Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

It's hard to keep up with Ben Foster as he describes what it takes to sell energy efficiency to small and medium-sized businesses — customers of the utilities that Opower serves. Foster, vice present of product management for Opower—which just began serving National Grid and two other utilities—says it's all about finding the right person at the … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency MicroNews: Navigant Research, Opower, Tecogen, USGBC, ASHRAE,

Shipments of advanced sensors for smart buildings will grow from 1.8 million units in 2013 to 28.4 million by 2020, according to a new report from Navigant Research. Efforts to make buildings smarter and more energy efficient have given rise to a new class of advanced sensors, allowing building systems to better anticipate and respond to changing … [Read more...]

Can Opower’s Energy Efficiency Program Fill the CFL Gap?

Utilities have an energy efficiency challenge on their hands, and Opower says it can help them solve it. Here’s the problem: Utilities, many of which are required to meet energy efficiency targets, are finding it harder and harder to meet those targets, especially now that they generally don’t get credit for handing out compact fluorescent … [Read more...]

Wall Street Journal Says Opower IPO Near

The Wall Street Journal quotes unnamed sources that say Opower is nearing an initial public offering of its shares. The Nov. 6 Money Beat article says that the IPO, underwritten by Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, could come in the next few months. A spokeswoman for Opower, reached by the Wall Street Journal, declined to comment. Learn more about … [Read more...]

MicroNews: Opower, Severstal Columbus, Abengoa, FuelCell, ASHRAE

This week in energy efficiency news… Opower, in partnership with its 90 utility clients across seven countries, announced that it has saved three terawatt hours of energy, or enough to power 600,000 homes. The company now serves 22 million consumers and businesses worldwide with its cloud-based software platform, saving more than $350 million … [Read more...]

Huge Residential Demand Response Market; Opower Wants to Crack It On The Cheap

Only about five percent of residential customers now take part in residential demand response programs that could yield huge savings. For example, a report by the Brattle Group says that if utilities could help customers lower their usage by five percent during the top “peak” 80 to 100 hours over the course of the year, it would result in $3 … [Read more...]

Understanding & Controlling Energy Remotely with Opower Part 2

Lisa Cohn of RealEnergyWriters continues her interview with Ogi Kavazovic, Vice President of Strategy & Marketing for Opower, which works with utilities to help their customers save energy. The company has just released a new mobile app and has saved 2 TWH for customers. The company does all this with software.   Understanding & … [Read more...]