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Heads Up Microgrid Developers. EVs will Create $30-50B Need for Generation and Storage

A new report by The Brattle Group finds that electric vehicles (EVs) could spur the need for a $30-50 billion investment in generation and energy storage — a figure likely to catch the attention of microgrid developers. The microgrid industry sees electric vehicles creating new markets for microgrids, particularly when located in areas that … [Read more...]

Caribbean Ripe for DER and Microgrid Development but Needs Financial Boost

The Caribbean is ripe for microgrid development because of the challenges of hurricanes and COVID-19, but financial constraints are getting in the way. The Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) is proposing some solutions. This year’s hurricane season is expected to be worse than usual, while the islans are still coming back from the impacts of … [Read more...]

Kevin Normandeau Welcome and Microgrid Knowledge Virtual Conference Tips for Day Two

Kevin Normandeau, Publisher of Microgrid Knowledge, shares some highlights from day one of the Microgrid Knowledge Virtual Conference, along with a preview of the day two agenda. He also shares a few tips on how to make the most of this virtual conference. … [Read more...]

Today at the Microgrid Knowledge Virtual Conference: From Business to Education to the Clean Energy Revolution

Join us for a look at "Who Microgrids Serve: From Business to Education to the Clean Energy Revolution" on the second day of the Microgrid Knowledge Virtual Conference. With presentations from leading microgrid experts, today features six sessions. 10 am EDT: Staying the Course on Clean Energy in a Time of Societal Disruption, with: … [Read more...]

New York Revises Demand Response in Light of Coronavirus Pandemic

In a big win for the demand response industry and its customers, the New York Public Service Commission (NY-PSC) issued an emergency order calling on the state’s utilities to revise their summer demand response programs in light of the coronavirus pandemic and New York’s stay-at-home orders. Effective May 14, the order compels many of the … [Read more...]

Unlocking new revenue and stabilising large electric grids with energy storage

ABB Grid Edge Solutions provide unique high-value services that can unlock new revenue for your network. These services, including black start, fast power injection, virtual inertia, fault current injection, seamless islanding, and voltage control are a few of the ways that ABB is leading the way in pioneering new solutions that keep electricity … [Read more...]

Hydro Tasmania Develops an Advanced Utility Grade Hybrid Energy Solution

The challenge was to develop a hybrid energy system and reduce Flinders Island’s dependence on diesel for electricity.  Located off Tasmania’s north-east Coast, Flinders Island is about 60 kilometers from north to south and 37 kilometers from east to west, with a total land area of more than 1,300 square kilometers. The solution? A utility grade … [Read more...]

The Latest Evolution of Distributed Energy Resources — Opportunity for Business Within PJM

Distributed energy resources have evolved. No longer merely rooftop solar panels or backup generators, they are imbued with software intelligence and new capabilities. These advanced technologies create opportunities for businesses to: Leverage electricity markets with demand response, price management, and the sale of energy to the grid … [Read more...]

Evaluating Cogeneration for your Facility : A Look at the Potential Energy-Efficiency, Economic, and Environmental Benefits

Cogeneration, also known as combined heat and power(CHP), is the on-site production of multiple types of energy – usually electricity, heat, and/orcooling – from a single source of fuel. This often replaces the traditional methods of acquiring energy, such as purchasing electricity from the power grid and separately burning natural gas or oil in a … [Read more...]

New Jersey to Devote Cap-and-Trade Revenue to Electrifying Transportation

New Jersey plans to devote about three-quarters of its revenue from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) to electrifying transportation, a sector opening up opportunity for microgrids. The state this year rejoined RGGI, a 10-state cap-and-trade program for the power sector. By participating in RGGI’s quarterly greenhouse gas … [Read more...]