NYSERDA Seeks Promising but Underused Energy Efficiency Technology; Offers $3.3M

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The New York State Energy and Research Development Authority (NYSERDA) is offering $3.3 million to improve the market share of underused energy efficiency technology in commercial, institutional, and non-process-related industrial settings.

The technology must be commercially available and provide energy-savings or load-reduction for electric and natural gas customers.

Applicants may offer two types of proposals: focused demonstrations or energy performance validation.

NYSERDA will fund focused demonstration projects for up to 60 percent of installation costs, capped at a maximum of $250,000 per project, and will fund and provide performance validation services at the demonstration host sites. To be eligible, demonstrations must a) provide independent performance data from previous projects, and b) Be among the Focused Demonstration Targeted Categories posted on NYSERDA’s website.

Energy performance validation proposals will receive funding and performance validation services from NYSERDA at the demonstration sites. To be eligible, technologies must provide performance data from previous projects. Applicants are responsible for all project development and implementation costs.

The project is part of NYSERDA’s Technology and Market Development (T&MD) portfolio of programs, under the $75 million Advanced Building Technologies initiative.

The state is focusing on buildings because they account for nearly two-thirds of New York’s energy consumption, and 50 percent of the state’s greenhouse gas emissions. Emerging energy efficiency and load management offer new opportunities for energy savings in buildings. But until these technologies gain market acceptance, they are likely to face barriers to implementation. These barriers  may include higher upfront costs, installation or commissioning challenges, lack of performance validation, limited customer or contractor awareness, and the lack of supply chain development.

NYSERDA hopes that the program will dentify barriers to increased market adoption, prove in-field performance, and increase market and customer awareness.

Proposals will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis through December 30, 2016 or until funds are exhausted.

Program application forms are available on NYSERDA’s website, as is additional instructions for proposals. The contact for questions is Liz Hanna, 866-NYSERDA, ext. 3358, [email protected] Contractual questions should go to Venice Forbes, 866-NYSERDA, ext. 3507, [email protected]

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