Will More Renewables Mean More Energy Efficiency Too?

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President Obama has called for utilities to use more renewable energy. What does this mean for distributed generation and energy efficiency? Lisa Cohn interviews David South, senior manager in the sustainability practice for West Monroe Partners, who identifies the challenges and benefits of the Obama plan for energy efficiency and distributed generation.

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  1. geoff hartman says:

    Renewable energy and distributed generation do NOT equal energy efficiency. While logic would seem to incent efficiency where high-cost (at least up-front) renewables are involved is often not even part of the conversation. The solar panel sales person presents the solar energy resource as “efficiency.” That sales person and design engineer seldom has any education ir knowledge about building science, hvac sizing/design, or building performance. In fact, their incentive is to sell a larger system. The concept that the building efficiency could be reduced by 40-50%, then a system 50% smaller would be required us not even a consideration. Even worse, the renewable programs also ignore this true efficiency opportunity through their design and implementation.

    the silo effect of today’s energy policy and program design/implementation virtually insures continued in-efficiency and lost opportunity in the market, and fir existing building retrofits.

    I don’t think you interview or question set either recognized these issues, or certainly attempted to spotlight them. A weak presentation.