What It Would Take for a ‘Breakthrough’ in Microgrid Policy

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In this video interview from Microgrid 2017 in Boston, Greg Clark, senior project manager at POWER Engineers, discusses the state of the microgrid industry and what needs to happen to spark a breakthrough in energy and microgrid policy. 

H.G. Chissell, founder and CEO of Advanced Energy Group — as well as the recently announced master of ceremonies for Microgrid 2018 — asked Clark what he thinks it would take to have a breakthrough in microgrid policy to open up opportunities for microgrids.

Noting that the key will be working in tandem with all players involved in microgrid development, deployment and maintenance, Clark had this to say.

“In terms of a breakthrough, I think there just needs to be a lot more consideration on how to work together with utilities and how to incentivize microgrid owners and asset operators going forward.”

As for how close the industry is to this breakthrough, if the environment at Microgrid 2017 was any indicator, it might be closer than one might think.

In fact, when he was asked what gets him excited about microgrids and the industry today, Clark zeroed in on the growing community of people with which to collaborate — on both the engineering  and policy sides of the spectrum.

Clark also pointed out he senses in the industry an “impetus to try to move things forward,” and that there seemed to be “air of cooperation” at Microgrid 2017.

[clickToTweet tweet=”The industry needs to consider how to incentivize both microgrid owners and asset operators going forward. ” quote=”The industry needs to consider how to incentivize both microgrid owners and asset operators going forward. “]

POWER Engineers — a multidisciplinary engineering consulting company — has about 2,300 employees and 40 offices in the U.S.

According to Clark, what the company was highlighting while exhibiting at the recent event was the capabilities of its cross-divisional team that is focused on microgrid project engineering and deployment. This includes members of the company’s power delivery, generation and facilities engineering teams, who have been involved in numerous microgrid project developments and implementations.

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“Microgrids are not a new thing, but it’s really exciting to see how the interest is really building and growing,” Clark said. 

Greg Clark is senior project manager at POWER Engineers.

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