Microgrid Financing Connection

Project developers are in search of microgrid financing; financiers are in search of investment-grade projects. Now Microgrid Knowledge has created a platform to bring the two together.

Called the Microgrid Financing Connection, the program will be launched at Microgrid 2018 in Chicago May 7-9.

If you’re a project developer, you can participate by completing the pre-screening application form below. Your project will be reviewed by a committee of microgrid technology companies and project financiers. Applicants selected by the committee will be invited to meet privately with investors at Microgrid 2018.

During a 30-minute pitch session, project developers will have an opportunity to describe their plans to the financiers and learn more about their investment requirements.

We welcome applications from institutions, commercial and industrial businesses, utilities, communities, real estate developers, government entities and others that are developing microgrids.

Microgrid Financing Pre-Screening Application

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Please Note:

  • Microgrid 2018 Conference registration is required for participation. Learn More about registering for Microgrid 2018.
  • The Microgrid Financing Connection is intended for commercial, industrial, municipal, institutional, government and multi-family microgrid projects. Not all projects will qualify and Microgrid Knowledge does not guarantee all submissions will meet the requirement for a meeting with financiers or financing.