Last Day to Apply to Speak at Microgrid California!

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Microgrid Knowledge seeks speakers for “Microgrid California: Keeping the Power Flowing During Grid Disruption,” a one-day educational forum in the San Francisco Bay Area to help microgrid customers overcome challenges they may face in securing this valuable technology.

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If you’d like to speak at this conference, we ask that you carefully read this call for speakers because of the specificity of our request. If you’ve spoken at previous Microgrid Knowledge events, you will find this one to be different in format and content.

Microgrid California is designed to be a problem-solving forum for businesses, institutions, communities, utilities and government facilities in the state that want to install microgrids, but face obstacles, be they technological, engineering, financial, regulatory, risk-related, social or informational.

To that end, the event will feature panel discussions where microgrid customers describe their challenges. Microgrid experts, invited by Microgrid Knowledge, will also be on the panel to advise on strategies to overcome these challenges. Sharing this information will help others in the audience with similar problems or questions, as well as others in the broader Microgrid Knowledge community who will learn about these discussions via video, articles and white papers published post event.

We are seeking speakers in two categories:

  1. Businesses, institutions, communities, utilities and government facilities that are either considering, planning, developing or operating a microgrid and would be willing to participate in a panel discussion on stage where they will describe the challenges they have faced or still face.
  2. Developers, integrators, engineering and consulting firms, equipment manufacturers, financiers, software and microgrid controller companies, consultants, or other experts from the microgrid industry who bring one of their customers to talk about challenges they faced developing or operating a microgrid and how the problem was solved. (Note the company and its customer would participate on stage as part of a discussion panel; they would not present a powerpoint.)

Microgrid customers may come from any sector, but we will give preference to those that work within industries particularly important to the California economy, such as agriculture, technology/data centers, higher education, transportation/shipping/storage, health care, tourism, manufacturing and government.

Applications will be reviewed as they arrive and selected on a first-come-first-serve basis, so we encourage you to apply early.

Application Deadline: August 16, 2021

Notification: September 1, 2021

Call for Speakers Application Form

Other important details
  • Panels will typically run about one hour and include 2-4 other speakers and a moderator.
  • Sessions will be discussion style; we are not seeking powerpoint presentations. However, if panelists find it necessary to show a slide, photo or short video to make their case, we welcome them to do so.
  • All of the sessions will include audience Q&A.
  • Qualified customers chosen to present on stage may attend Microgrid California at no charge. (See registration form details.)
  • To submit your application to speak, please fill out this form*.
  • *Developers, integrators, engineering and consulting firms, component manufacturers, financiers, software and microgrid controller companies, consultants, or other experts from the microgrid industry should respond to this call for speakers only if they have confirmed that a customer will appear with them on stage.

Registration details for Microgrid California are available on the Microgrid California site.

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