8:30 - 8:45 am

Welcome and Platform Explanation

Main Stage/Salon EF

8:45 - 9 am

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney Opens Microgrid 2022

9 - 9:25 am


Main Stage/Salon EF

Jeffrey Schlegelmilch, Director for the National Center for Disaster Preparedness at Columbia Climate School, Columbia University and author of Rethinking Readiness: A Brief Guide to Twenty-First-Century Megadisasters

9:30 - 10:30 am

Main Stage Discussion: Megatrends and Microgrids: Macroeconomic Influences on the Microgrid Market

How will megatrends — such as inflation, rising interest rates and war — affect the economics of microgrids and their financing.

Main Stage/Salon EF

Moderator: Ken Horne, Director of Portfolio Operations, Spring Lane Capital

Featured Speakers:

  • Julian Torres, Chief Investment Officer, Scale Microgrid Solutions
  • Rob Hong, Co-Founder and CEO, Sapling Financial
  • Rob Howard, CEO, ClearGen
10:30 - 11 am


11 am - 12 pm

Main Stage Discussion: Making Microgrids a Building Block of US Infrastructure and Climate Goals

What opportunities does the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure act — and other federal climate and energy programs — create for microgrids? How can you capture them? What role might communities play? And what can we do to ensure that microgrids become a bigger priority for Washington lawmakers and policymakers?

Main Stage/Salon EF

Moderator: Cameron Brooks, Executive Director, Think Microgrid

Featured Speakers:

  • Joe Andronaco, Senior Consultant, Loan Programs Office, US Department of Energy
  • Amanda Corrado, Government Relations Advisor, Schneider Electric
  • Matt Borron, Executive Director, Association of Defense Communities
12 - 12:15 pm

Announcement of the Microgrid Greater Good Award Winners

Main Stage/Salon EF

Awards presented by Peter Lilienthal, Global Microgrid Lead, UL Renewables


12:15 - 1:50 pm


1:55 - 2:55 pm

Breakout Discussion: Microgrids to the Rescue: How a Small Nonprofit Is Changing the Face of Disaster Recovery

From the Texas deep freeze to Hurricane Ida and now the Ukrainian humanitarian crisis, the Footprint Project is there supplying reliable energy through mobile microgrids — and offering a new blueprint for disaster recovery.

Salon EF

Moderator: Matt Roberts, Director of Market Development, Blue Planet Energy

Featured Speakers:

  • Samantha Childress, Solutions Architect Manager, Schneider Electric
  • Will Heegaard, Operations Director, Footprint Project
  • Moira Hanes, Executive Director, Empowered by Light
  • Mary Kombolias, Researcher, Agrafa Solutions/E2 Fellow 2021-2022
1:55 - 2:55 pm

Breakout Presentations: Growing Food, Grapes and Cannabis with Microgrid Power

The war in Ukraine and supply chain issues underscore the need for reliable energy to ensure adequate food production and distribution. Here we look at microgrids getting the job done.

Salon AB

Moderator: Michael Stadler, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, Xendee

Featured Speakers:

Francisco Morocz, Co-Founder and General Manager, Heila Technologies

  • Is 100% renewable energy even possible? It is for Stone Edge Farm in Sonoma, California, which has operated on 100% renewables for over five years, effectively off-grid since 2019 through use of emergent intelligence.

Brent Voelker, Director, Kinsley Energy

  • Learn about a 3.5-MW multigenerator off-grid microgrid and chiller plant operating on liquified natural gas as the sole supplier of electric power, hot water and chilled water to Pennsylvania Options for Wellness, a state-of-the-art medicinal cannabis and research facility.
1:55 - 2:55 pm

Breakout Presentations: But Is a Microgrid Possible for My Community? Veteran Microgridders Show the Way

More and more communities are taking control of their energy with microgrids. What are the steps to success? Learn from projects in Quebec and New Jersey.

Salon CD

Moderator: Joe Sullivan, Vice President, Concord Engineering

Featured Speakers:

Tim McDuffie, Senior Business Development Engineer, Smarter Grid Solutions

  • How to make the idea of a community microgrid a reality. The story of the Lac-Megantic community microgrid in Quebec, Canada.

Jason Hutchins, Team Leader, Power and Process Systems, CHA Consulting and Adam Zellner, President, Greener by Design

  • The regulatory and technical challenges of creating a microgrid for Woodbridge, New Jersey — and the solutions found.

James Naviaux, Director of Global Partnerships & Commercial Strategy, ESS and Joe Sullivan, Head of Sales, PXiSE Energy Solutions

  • How Cameron Corners, California, will protect numerous critical community facilities including a fire station, a health center and key telecommunications equipment during the state’s notorious public safety power shutoffs.


2:55 - 3:20 pm


3:20 - 4:20 pm

Breakout Presentations: Sustainable Commerce in the Age of the Microgrid

Salon EF

Moderator: Emily LeJeune, Manager – Federal Market, S&C Electric

Featured Speakers:

Clark Wiedetz, Chief Sales Officer, GreenStruxure and Chris Wolfe, Senior Director of Environmental Sustainability, Bimbo Bakeries USA

  • Bimbo Bakeries: Environmental, social and corporate governance investments are reaching record levels and driving up demand for clean energy as businesses strive to achieve sustainability goals. Where microgrids will fit into this trend remains an open question. But a major US bakery company is offering a model.

Jon Erickson, Senior Project Manager, Power Engineers

  • Albertsons is one of the largest retail employers in the US and its 23 distribution centers are moving toward electrifying their trucks. This feasibility study shows how microgrids could serve three California distribution centers.
3:20 - 4:20 pm

Breakout Presentations: Travel Insurance: Why Mass Transit Is Coming to Rely on Microgrids

Salon AB

Moderator: Geoff Gunn, Associate Principal/Energy, Arup

Featured Speakers:

Nicole Geneau, Senior Vice President, Development, AlphaStruxure and Michael Yambrach, Capital Projects, Office of Energy and Sustainability – Montgomery County, Maryland

  • Montgomery County, Maryland, has an ambitious carbon reduction goal, and electrification of the Brookville Smart Energy Bus Depot and its 5.6-MW microgrid are part of the plan.

Norm Campbell, Manager of Business Development, Go Electric

  • How a battery-enabled microgrid for an air traffic control tower is keeping the skies safe over an Army base in Fort Hood, Texas.

Mike Norelli, Vice President, Sales and Business Development, Northeast-Western Energy Systems


3:20 - 4:20 pm

Workshop: Achieving Resiliency Alongside Demand Response

Salon CD

Demand response isn’t what it once was … it’s better than it ever was! Now with more flexibility, options, third-party partners, incentives and microgrid technology, there is a demand response program and backup power solution right for you and your utility. Learn how to select the right program and resilient microgrid solution so you won’t get left in the dark.

This session is brought to you by Mesa Solutions

Featured Speakers:

  • Tom Poteet, Vice President, Corporate Development, Mesa Solutions
  • Malcolm Taylor, Director, Sustainable Power Solutions, Mesa Solutions
  • Mackenzie Owen, Senior Engineer, Energy Project Development, Mesa Solutions


4:30 - 5:30 pm

Breakout Discussion: Greening and Microgridding the Mid-Atlantic

Salon EF

The Mid-Atlantic states are among the most active in the nation when it comes to microgrids. Learn about projects underway, policies in the making and opportunities on the horizon.

Moderator: Richard Mroz, Regulatory Affairs Consultant and former President, New Jersey Board of Public Utilities

Featured Speakers:

  • Christine Knapp, Sustainability Officer, City of Philadelphia
  • Phil Gonski, Project Manager, The Burns Group
  • Jon Wohl, Senior Vice President, Project Development, DCO Energy
4:30 - 5:30 pm

Workshop: Innovations in Microgrid Resiliency: The Realities of a Grid of Microgrids and Replacing Diesel Generation

Salon AB

This panel discusses the results from two efforts related to the Department of Defense’s Environmental Security Technology Certification Program that share the goal of increasing the resilience of microgrid installations. One of the topics considers the algorithms necessary to create “grids of microgrids” when multiple microgrids can be connected through a single feeder. The other focuses on the use of flow batteries as a potential replacement for diesel generator sets, especially as applied to critical infrastructure. 

This session is brought to you by S&C Electric

Moderator: Peter Curtiss, Principal Engineer, S&C Electric

Featured Speakers:

  • Bob Harwig, Manager, Engineering Services, S&C Electric
  • Jacqueline Baum, Engineer/Scientist III, EPRI
  • Anthony Colonnese, Vice President, Energy Security Solutions, Ameresco


4:30 - 5:30 pm

Breakout Presentations: Even Smarter Cities: Keeping Critical Services Operating When the Grid Is Down

Salon CD

Moderator: Scott Manson, Principal Engineer, SEL

Featured Speakers:

Michael Boswell, Vice President, Power and Infrastructure, Concord Engineering and Michael Samuel, President, R3M Engineering

  • Hurricane Sandy seriously damaged the Sayreville pumping station in central New Jersey, resulting in the disruption of services and the release of millions of gallons of untreated wastewater into the Raritan River. Today the pumping station operates with newfound resilience thanks to a 9.5-MW on-site power generation system designed to decouple from the local grid and operate as a resilient microgrid.

Michael Byrnes, COO, Veolia

  • Learn how a microgrid brought energy independence, resilience, efficiency and cost savings to a California wastewater treatment plant — and saved an endangered fish species at the same time.



5:30 - 6:30 pm


All times are EST. This agenda is subject to change.

Microgrid 2022, an in-person gathering, will look at why microgrids are a prime tool in warding off climate disaster. Through lively discussion panels, interviews, presentations and workshops and audience Q&A, the two-day event will focus on how microgrids ward off power outages, lower costs, enhance climate goals, and improve energy equity.

A detailed agenda will be released in the spring. Above is the general framework.

All times are Eastern (New York Time)

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