Thursday, 11/19


Microgrid Morning Yoga







Breakfast provided courtesy of our Silver Partners:

  • Bloom Energy
  • Burns
  • Rockwell Automation

Welcome and Overview

Ormandy Ballroom



Ormandy Ballroom


Plenary Panel

Microgrids Have Leapt ‘the Chasm.’ What’s on the Other Side?

  • Mark Feasel (Schneider Electric) President, Smart Grid
  • Mike Innocenzo (PECO) President and CEO
  • Ben Parvey (Blue Sky Power) CEO
  • Erik Svanholm (S&C Electric) Vice President of Non-Wires Alternatives

Ormandy Ballroom



10:30 -11:30

Issue of the Day: Panel Discussion

Resiliency vs Sustainability. Why They are in Conflict and How to Make Peace

  • Michael Bakas (Ameresco) Executive Vice President
  • Allan Schurr (Enchanted Rock) Chief Commercial Officer
  • Craig White, (Philadelphia Gas Works) President and CEO

Ormandy Ballroom


Lunch & Networking


Lunch provided courtesy of our Gold Partners:

  • Concord Engineering
  • Cummins
  • Compass Energy
  • Power Engineers
  • Enchanted Rock
  • RTDS Technologies
  • Worley
  • Introspective Systems
  • Scale Microgrid Solutions
  • Typhoon HIL

The Philadelphia Navy Yard: The Remarkable Emergence of an Unintentional Microgrid as Told by Those Who Made it Happen

Moderator: Will Agate (Ameresco) Vice President, Microgrid Services

  • Jayant Kumar (GE) Global Digital Grids Program Director
  • Mike Walton ( Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation) Project Engineer
  • TBA



How Utilities are Enhancing the Grid and Improving Customer Service with Microgrids

Moderator: Lola Infante (Edison Electric Institute) Senior Director Clean Energy Technology and Policy

  • Bennett Chabot (Pacific Gas & Electric) Principal Product Manager Grid Innovation
  • Donald Chung (Arizona Public Service) Consultant
  • Chuck Hookham (CMS Energy/Consumers Energy) Executive Director
  • Far Out, Man. Remote Outposts and Islands as Centers of Microgrid Innovation

Moderator: Allison Archambault (EarthSpark) President

  • Bob Kirslis (Eaton) Account Executive, Microgrid
  • Bryan Urban (Leclanche) Executive Vice  President
  • Anil Kumar Khedar (NTPC Utility) Manager




Innovation Hall

How to Mobilize Students for University Microgrid Development

William Byun (University of California, San Marcos) Professor of Finance


Town by Town: Lessons Learned from the New Jersey Town Center Microgrid Program

  • Matthew Nyquist (Concord Engineering) Project Manager
  • Mike Smedley (Vicinity Energy) Vice President of Business Development
  • Andrew Zwicker  (New Jersey State Legislature)  Assemblyman (invited)

Electrifying and Microgridding Planes, Trains and Ports

  • Steve Pullins (AlphaStruxure) Senior Vice President, Development
  • Mike Walton (Burns Engineering) Director
  • TBD

Innovation Hall

USDA Funding & Financing for Microgrids: Presentation

  • Renie Langan (USDA) Energy Program Specialist
  • Fred Petok (USDA) Business Loan and Grant Analyst

It Takes Two (or More): How to Find Partners and Form Teams to Build Successful Government Microgrids

  • David Hommrich (Pennsylvania Microgrids) President
  • Stephanie Pine (S&C Electric)  Manager, Federal Market
  • Joe Vitella (Ameresco) Senior Manager, Engineering


Networking Exhibit Hall


The Evolution of Microgrid Finance: The Latest on Impact Investing, Project Finance, As-a-service and other Financial Mechanisms

  • Jerome Garciano (Robinson & Cole, LLP) Attorney
  • Mark Fisher (Electrical Midstream), CEO
  • Ryan Goodman (Scale Microgrid) CEO & Co-Founder

Where, When, Why and How Microgrids Can Serve Electrification Efforts: What Early Leaders Can Teach Us

  • Mohammed Alam (ComEd) Principal Qualitative Engineer
  • Nicole Geneau (Mortenson) Director, Strategy and Market Development
  • Shashank Sane (Invenergy) SVP, Head of Invenergy Edge
  • Philip Jonat (Worley) Energy Engineer
  • David Smith (Burns Engineering) Director of Energy Service

Innovation Hall

Presentations and demonstrations of the latest microgrid tech

  • Gary Oppedahl, Emera Technologies. Hybrid AC/DC distribution system for integrated nano/microgrids
  • Tristan Jackson, Veckta: Microgrid optimization software toolkit
  • Jean-Philippe Bérard, Opal-RT Technologies: Real-time simulations of microgrids, hosting capacity, other feature
  • James McGinniss, David Energy: Commodity & demand integrated software for microgrid management
  • Alexandra Schwertner, Rockwell Automation: Systems approach to security & technology for Microgrid and lifecycle operations
  • Joachim Lohse, Smart charging for charging point operators software
  • Ken Dulaney, FREEDM Systems Center at NC State: Leveraging power of open source software to spur deployment
  • Christian Jegues, RTDS Technologies: Hardware in the loop testing, real time simulations
  • Andrew Meers, SwitchDin, Australian experience, cyber, VPP’s, DER integration
  • Justine Jarvinen, UNSW Energy Institute, Tools for planning and operating microgrids

Microgrid Knowledge Greater Good Awards

Annual award winners will be announced and will present their projects


Parting Thoughts: Solving the Day’s Big Question

Ormandy Ballroom

An interactive session with audience members and panelists to discuss concepts and propose next steps needed to overcome obstacles and drive microgrid adoption. Here’s a chance to ask questions and propose your ideas.

  • Kay Aikin (Introspective Systems) CEO and Co-founder
  • Rick Bolton (Compass Energy Platform) CEO
5:30 - 6:30

Networking Reception



Networking Reception provided courtesy of our Platinum  Partners:

  • S&C Electric
  • Schneider Electric
  • Ameresco
  • Siemens
This Agenda is Subject to Change


Featuring the industry’s top thinkers, innovators and change-makers, Microgrid 2020: Distributed Energy and World Electrification will explore opportunities for microgrids, nanogrids, non-wires alternatives other forms of distributed energy as we increasingly electrify vehicles, buildings and infrastructure.

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