Microgrid 2020 Call for Speakers

Microgrid 2020 seeks speakers to explore opportunities emerging from two world changing trends: energy decentralization and electrification.

microgrid 2020

Application Deadline: January 15

Notification: Mid-February

Call for Speakers Application Form

Topics we seek for Microgrid 2020

We will focus on microgrids, nanogrids, virtual power plants and related advanced distributed energy concepts worldwide as they relate to:

  • Electrification: How electrification stimulates use of decentralized energy with examples in transportation, buildings, infrastructure and communities.
  • Resilience/Reliability: Microgrid innovations and technology that helps customers avoid or recover quickly from power outages caused by storms, wildfires, public service power shutoffs, cyberattacks or other disruptions
  • Regulation: Government and utility rules and policies that bolster or impede microgrid development related to competitive playing fields, environment, technology, operations, competition, consumers, tariffs, retail and wholesale markets, and other relevant areas.
  • Partnerships: Public/private partnerships, government-industry alliances, community microgrids, utility collaborations, etc that bring together parties in innovative ways
  • Economics/Finance: Advances in financing, tariffs, incentives, public/private funding, Green Banks, microgrid-as-a-service and other financing models. Examination of efficiency savings, stacked benefits and microgrid values (eg. value of resiliency). Analysis of societal costs of power outages and savings from microgrids.
  • Engineering/Operation: Overcoming technical challenges in microgrid operations, related to such areas as design, integration of generation resources, controls, islanding, point of common coupling, voltage and frequency stability, protective relaying performance, ground source arrangement and arc flash hazards

Types of speaking opportunities

  • Keynote: Leaders in the energy industry or government who offer new insight and inspiration
  • Panel: Energy experts, government leaders or microgrid customers to participate in 50-60 minute discussions, typically with two to four others, guided by a moderator
  • Presenters: Case study or concept presentations of 15 minutes that will kick off a panel discussion. We’re especially interested in presentations that illustrate microgrid use for businesses, campuses, industry/manufacturing, institutions, communities, government, ports/airports, public safety, critical services, and other common users of the technology
  • Small group discussion facilitator: Experts in specific areas, such as microgrid engineering, who will facilitate group problem-solving sessions
  • Workshop leaders: Experts in regulation and policy for a special pre-conference workshop (June 1)

 Special considerations

  • Preference will be given to vendors who bring a customer to join them on stage.    
  • Project presentations and case studies must be kept to 15 minutes and be presented in a ‘problem/solution’ format that offers valuable insight for the industry or its customers. (No sales pitches, please.)  
  • A case study is more likely to be accepted if it has not been presented elsewhere.
  • Speakers, panelists and moderators receive a discount on registration (See registration page).
  • Speakers must register for the conference by April 1 to retain their place on the agenda.

To submit your application to speak, please fill out this form. Thanks!