Monday, 5/13

2 - 5 pm

Microgrid 2019 Pre-Conference Workshop

Market & Policy Workshop: Tariffs, Tax Incentives, RECs or Something Else? What’s the Way Forward for Microgrids? 

Sponsored by Microgrid Knowledge and Navigant

(Special registration required. Limited capacity.)

What incentives now support microgrids? What other options are — or should be — considered? What public benefits can microgrids offer in exchange for public funds? Should incentives be confined to specific customer groups that clearly serve the public, such as communities or hospitals?

The afternoon will include presentations, small group problem-solving sessions and participant polling. The goal is to produce guiding principles and next steps for microgrid adoption.


Monday, May 13, 2-5 pm, Ballroom D

2-2:15 pm Welcome and Overview

Kevin Normandeau, Publisher, Microgrid Knowledge
Ken Horne, Director, Navigant and Workshop Moderator

2:15-2:30 pm  The Landscape

Peter Asmus, Navigant Research, Associate Director: Five Principles to Guide Microgrid Policy Support

Brian Levite, Regulatory Affairs Director at S&C Electric: Three Takeaways on Microgrids & Utilities in the 50 States

2:30-3:45 pm  Participants break into groups to workshop assignments

3:45-4:35 pm  Groups present results. Ideas evaluated in group polling

4:35–4:50 pm  Polling results announced

4:50-5 pm  Synthesis and closing

5-6 pm  Networking Reception

This Agenda is Subject to Change

A Look Inside the Evolving Microgrid Industry


microgrid 2019 agenda

Featuring the industry’s top thinkers, innovators and change-makers, Microgrid 2019: Shaping the New Electric Grid will explore microgrids, nanogrids, non-wires alternatives, community aggregations, and other forms of distributed energy remaking the power industry.

Designed by the editors of Microgrid Knowledge, the two-day event will bring out the latest news and trends in market development, technology, business models, financing and policy.

microgrid 2019 agenda

Join us for pre-conference workshop, May 13: Tariffs, Tax Incentives, RECs or Something Else? What’s the Way Forward for Microgrids?”

On May 14, gain a rare look at the evolving industry through lively keynote talks, engaging panel discussions, and in-depth case studies and presentations.

Take note if you are an energy customer exploring these new technologies for your operation. Special sessions will be held May 15 for commercial and industrial operations, utilities, hospitals, colleges and universities, real estate developments, institutions, and government and military.

A third, bonus day — May 16 — will offer tours of some of the world’s most advanced microgrids, all located in the San Diego area.

If you’re a project developer or customer seeking financing for your microgrid project, consider participating in Microgrid Financing Connection II.

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