microgrid 2018

Microgrid 2018: Market and Models for the Greater Good will take a deep look at the rapidly emerging opportunities in the microgrid market. Designed by the editors of Microgrid Knowledge, the three-day program will offer panels, presentations and workshops with the most up-to-date information to help you:

  • Target the latest microgrid opportunities across North America in a range of sectors, such as commercial & industrial operations, utilities, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, data centers, colleges and universities, real estate developments, institutions government and military
  • Gain greater insight into evolving industry models as microgrids move beyond pilots and demonstrations and become vital societal resources. We will explore business, finance, operational, regulatory, policy and technology models, presenting proven successes and analyzing latest innovations available to a broad range of microgrid customers.
  • Accelerate understanding of the unique public good offered by microgrids, given their ability to keep power flowing during storms, disasters and cyber attacks, while at the same time enhancing energy efficiency, reducing grid costs, integrating renewable energy, and improving the electric sector’s environmental profile.

microgrid 2018Our sessions are structured so that you can both gain knowledge and affect change, contributing thought leadership as the industry unfolds strategies, policies and messaging.

You also will have ample opportunity to network with colleagues and potential partners and customers, and tour innovative Chicago-area microgrids.

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