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The Defining Microgrid Event of 2017


Microgrid 2017 Conference & Exhibition 
Boston, MA USA  /  November 6-8, 2017


Mark your calendar for the powerhouse microgrid event of the year: Microgrid 2017.

Hosted jointly by Microgrid Knowledge, the Microgrid Resources Coalition (MRC) and the International District Energy Association (IDEA), Microgrid 2017 is the one conference no one in the industry should miss.

Microgrid 2017 follows up on Microgrid Knowledge’s highly successful 2016 NY & Beyond conference.

Join us to see how far microgrids have come in one year — and where the industry will head next.

Who should attend?
  • Microgrid Leaders

Microgrid 2017 will gather the industry’s most influential leaders, thinkers, policymakers, regulators and government agencies. This will be an opportunity for leaders to come together and shape next steps in the growing industry through lively panel discussions and exclusive networking sessions.

  • Microgrid Customers

Hospitals, universities, office park developers, pharmaceutical companies, data centers, manufacturers, municipalities and others will find extensive learning opportunities. The event will feature tours of local microgrids, case study and technical sessions, exhibitor booths and lessons learned from experienced microgrid operators.


Event Hosts that are Dedicated to Microgrids
NY Prize

IDEA’s Rob Thornton and MRC’s Baird Brown

Microgrid 2017 stands out as an event hosted by three organization’s deeply dedicated to the microgrid cause: IDEA, MRC and Microgrid Knowledge.

MRC is part of IDEA, which has been curating and organizing energy industry conferences and trade shows for more than 100 years. IDEA’s most recent Boston event, held in 2015, drew nearly 1,000 attendees.  Today, IDEA boasts over 2,300 members from 26 countries, with over 56 percent directly affiliated with operating end-user systems.

“We intend to bring all of our experience and expertise into making Microgrid 2017 the event that advances microgrid deployment to a new level of market growth and policy understanding,” said Rob Thornton, IDEA CEO and president. “Boston is an excellent venue because sophisticated microgrids already are in operation in and around the city – some for many years — and more are on their way.”

Microgrid Knowledge is the go-to news site for all-things microgrid and distributed energy. Updated daily, the site tracks breaking news, provides in-depth features and industry perspective and houses the most extensive microgrid white paper library in the world.

North America Microgrid“Microgrid Knowledge has seen tremendous growth in readership, up 40 percent over the last year. This reflects a growing interest in microgrids, as well as a realization that much is yet to be done from a policy and finance perspective for full industry growth,” said Elisa Wood, editor-in-chief of Microgrid Knowledge. “Microgrid 2017 will present the most cutting edge issues, ideas and speakers. We believe you will leave this event with new insights, plans and prospects.”

Sponsors already have begun reserving booth space for Microgrid Conference 2017. For details contact Kevin Normandeau, publisher of Microgrid Knowledge, Kevin@MicrogridKnowledge.com.

Interested in presenting your ideas at Microgrid 2017? We will seek papers via an RFP process that will be announced in the Microgrid Knowledge newsletter. Sign up free of charge.