Interstate Power and Light Issues RFI on Appliance Direct Load Control and Cycling Devices

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Interstate Power and Light, an Alliant Energy company in Iowa, is seeking requests for information about appliance direct load control or cycling devices.

The Midwestern company started its direct load control program in 1992 anduses about 56,000 devices. It spends about $2.5 million to help customers save energy through residential appliance control and cycling programs.

The company is now investigating additional or updated technologies that it may use in the programs. The RFI seeks information on types of control or cycling hardware, types of communication and installation, and software requirements.

The next step may be a full request for proposals for a partner to develop an expanded program. The company will decide by September 15, 2015 if it is going to issue the RFP.

Reponses must be delivered via email to Proposals are due no later than July 10, 2015. A notice of intent to respond is due July 3.

The RFI is available for download here.

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