What We Heard You Say…This Week’s Best and Worst Quotes about Energy Efficiency

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Interesting quotes about energy efficiency that we picked up this week.

Best Insight

Back to the future “Today’s building industry relies heavily on technology, but neglects age-old practices used for centuries to naturally heat and cool inner spaces. These practices paid attention to air flow and used temperature-moderating materials. Consider the Egyptian earthen homes or Pueblo adobe structures that incorporated mud brick for floors and walls. The concrete-like materials absorbed the cool air of evening and radiated it during the heat of day. Or conversely, at night they held the warmth of day inside when the air outdoors grew cold,” Thermal Storage is Key to a Supercharged Green Building

Best Politics

  • Washington, are you listening? Response to Mississippi being selected as one of the most improved states for energy efficiency by ACEEE:  “We’re proud to get Mississippi off the bottom and we did this by not focusing on Democrats or Republican or Independents.  We did it by focusing clearly on the interest of Mississippians.” Brandon Presley, a commissioner for the Mississippi Public Service Commission

Best Politics II

  • Heather Zichal, Obama’s outgoing energy advisor, on advanced energy She noted that the industry employs people in unexpected places and in districts with diverse political representation. Over 80 percent of wind projects are sited in Republican-held House districts, she said. In other words, “it’s not all about California,” she said. Advanced Energy Perspectives

Most Worrisome

  • Reality check “The Department of Homeland Security found that in the first half of 2013 the grid was hit by more than a hundred serious cyber-attacks,” Dan Upham, Environmental Defense Fund.

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