GreenStruxure Teams with Energy Advisory Company…Beyond the Grid Fund Opens Call for Microgrids in Mozambique

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GreenStruxure joins forces with energy advisory company on microgrids for medium-size buildings

By Ganna Tokolova/

GreenStruxure, the joint venture between Schneider Electric and private equity firm Huck Capital, has formed a microgrid partnership with a Texas-based retail energy advisory service.

TruEnergy will work with GreenStruxure to offer energy-as-a-service microgrids. The financing approach requires no capital investment or operational risk on the part of the customer.

The partnership will operate nationally and focus on medium-sized commercial and industrial buildings.

Launched in September 2020, GreenStruxure offers modular, standardized microgrids that are no larger than 5 MW. The company says that it can get its microgrids up and running in about a year. TruEnergy offers energy procurement as well as energy efficiency, sustainability and tax recoupment services. It currently serves over 15,000 customers throughout North America.

With GreenStruxure, TruEnergy will be focusing on customers that spend at least $35,000/month on electricity and seek reliable power that will help them attain sustainability targets.

“Our customers want to take control of their energy — keep their costs low and predictable, ensure they have power at critical times and minimize their carbon footprint ­­— ­and they don’t see a simple way to do this today,” said Jose Lorenzo, GreenStruxure CEO.

GreenStruxure is Schneider’s follow-up to AlphaStruxure, a company Schneider launched with private equity giant Carlyle Group. AlphaStruxure targets larger commercial and industrial projects and infrastructure.

Beyond the Grid Fund to provide financing for microgrids in Mozambique

The Beyond the Grid Fund for Africa (BGFA) has opened the prequalification stage for its second call for proposals for microgrids in Mozambique. The fund will offer $8.1 million in financing, supplied by the Swedish government.

The organization invites microgrid companies to begin the process of competing for financing by submitting applications no later than March 29. The application is available at

The fund seeks innovative technology and strong business models tailored to customer needs and ability to pay.

The Swedish government launched the fund to incentivize sustainable, affordable, clean and high-quality energy services for underserved people in off-grid areas of sub-Saharan African countries. BGFA is now a $95 million multidonor organization.

BGFA’s first call for proposals (BGFA1) was launched in autumn 2020 for Burkina Faso, Liberia and Zambia. The fund shortlisted companies from the call and is in the second stage of the application process. A third call for proposals for Uganda is currently being prepared and is expected to be launched in May/June 2021.

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