Schneider’s GreenStruxure Partners with Instant On to Develop Microgrids in California

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GreenStruxure, a joint venture between Schneider Electric and Huck Capital, plans to team with upstart Instant On, to develop microgrids for medium-sized buildings in California.


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The two companies will use an energy-as-a-service model, which offers microgrids at no upfront cost to the customer.

They are joining forces to serve what’s become a high-demand market for microgrids in California because of ongoing wildfire-related power shutoffs, last summer’s grid blackout, high utility rates and increased focus by businesses in achieving carbon reduction goals.

GreenStruxure sees the new alliance as a way to accelerate its deployment of energy-as-a-service microgrids to underserved, medium-sized commercial and industrial buildings.

The partners are focusing on customers with demanding sustainability targets that need reliable power and spend at least $35,000/month or about $400,000/year on electricity. Operations well-suited for microgrids in this category include health care facilities, food and beverage operations, refrigerated warehouses, government buildings and universities.

GreenStruxure describes itself as offering modular, standardized renewable energy microgrids that can be up and running in about a year, a quick turnaround time designed to help California businesses prepare for next year’s fire season. The microgrids include solar, storage and back-up power.

“Our customers want to adopt a clean energy solution and need to have confidence that their power will be there when they need it most,” said Jose Lorenzo, GreenStruxure CEO. “These customers have limited options today and we’re thrilled to partner with Instant ON to bring them a new solution and work alongside them every step of the way to help them run their business, gain a competitive edge and meet their goals.”

Instant ON, a microgrid integrator and developer in California, brings to the partnership a deep understanding of customer needs in the region and wide knowledge of the market and its changing landscape, according to a news release issued by the companies. In addition to serving the building market, Instant On has made a name for itself because of its nanogrid offerings for residences.

“Our California businesses need protection and we are proud to let our customers know they’re not alone,” said A.J. Perkins, Instant ON president. “By working together with GreenStruxure we can serve hundreds of customers throughout California and bring them a much-needed innovative, cost-effective, resilient and sustainable solution.”

Schneider, one of the largest and most active microgrid developers, launched GreenStruxure in September, a complement to another of its companies AlphaStruxure. A joint venture with The Carlyle Group, AlphaStruxure focuses on larger projects than those undertaken by GreenStruxure, among them ports and airports.

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