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  • Thu

    The 8th Annual Grand Gathering, Most Powerful International CSP Conference in China

    Beijing, China

    China has been one of the most interesting markets after the release of demo 1st batch projects and FiT. Unlike other emerging markets, besides the urgent pressure from energy transformation, China has large energy demand, low labor costs, and crucially, the ability of self-sufficiency. All these contribute to CSP’s cost reduction.

    After one year preparation and construction, the 1st batch demo projects has shown their embryonic form. Among those projects, firms with solid financial and technical strength like CGN Solar, Beijing Shouhang, Northwest Electric Power Design Institute…etc., their projects are under fast progress. CGN Solar’s Delingha 50 MW PT plant is estimated to be launched at the beginning of 2018, and will be the first large commercial CSP project in China; Shouhang Dunhuang 100 MW ST plant is under construction, the receiver tower will be capped soon and the project is expected to be launched in August, 2018; The project by Northwest Electric Power Design Institute has finished key components bidding process and project review, subsequent construction will follow up soon. In contrast, a small number of demo projects are stagnating due to various reasons such as: local policy, fund shortage, decision flow, investment risks…etc. For the projects which are running ahead, questions like project commissioning, operation and maintenance must be treated seriously. For the others, information like project bidding process, pre-design, raising funds…are of most concern.

    On the other hand, based on 5 GW CSP deployment target in the 13th Five-year plan, the 2nd batch demo project should be initiated in the near term. As the middle year of 13th Five-year plan, 2018 is the critical point for CSP’s future development, and the experience from 1st demo project could be treated as good references. Therefore, it is very necessary to make a summary for the 1st batch demo projects status.

    At the key time point, we are sincerely welcoming you to join CSP Focus China 2018 event (Mar.22-23, Beijing), summarizing the 1st round demo projects, meanwhile making adequate preparation for the initiation of 2nd round pilot projects.