Microgrids for Energy Resiliency in California

GI Energy will host a “Microgrids for Energy Resiliency in California” webinar to discuss solutions for the California market, with obvious ramifications for markets in other parts of the country affected by weather-related disasters. The webinar will take place on Thursday, November 5th at 11am PT and will comprise a panel discussion between … [Read more...]

Webinar: Beyond Islanding: The Financial Impacts and Benefits of Dual Nested Microgrids

In this webinar on October 28th at 2PM ET, Microgrid Knowledge, Siemens, and Santa Fe Community College will explore the financial payoff and purpose of its dual nested microgrid design. Webinar attendees will learn: The features and benefits of a duel nested microgrid How using microgrid clusters to create virtual power plants opens the … [Read more...]

Webinar: The Clean Secret Behind Diesel

Join us for a webinar September 29 at 2 PM ET, where the discussion will cover diesel generators have undergone dramatic changes in recent years. Thanks to stricter EPA rules, exhaust emissions are down as much as 99% for ‘Tier 4 Final’ generators. Yet, the misconception surrounding diesel persists. In this educational webinar, Microgrid Knowledge, … [Read more...]

What You Need to Know about Renewable Microgrids Now

Join us for a webinar featuring Nathan Adams, Director, Technology and Business Development at Hitachi ABB, to learn how to make your operation part of a movement to ‘power for good’ with microgrids.   Specifically, we’ll cover: How renewable energy can improve microgrid resiliency Why renewables enhance microgrid economics … [Read more...]

Energy Resiliency and Energy Savings 24/7/365

Register today for Webinar for Plant Managers and Technical Staff, July 23rd 11AM PT. … [Read more...]

Energy Resiliency and Energy Savings 24/7/365

Register today for Webinar for Finance and Business Managers, July 14th 10 PT. … [Read more...]

Discover the Truth about Microgrids for Data Center Power Delivery, Uptime and Efficiency

Register now to attend this Webinar - Discover the Truth about Microgrids for Data Center Power Delivery, Uptime and Efficiency June 23, 2 PM EST Microgrid architecture has advanced from simply delivering power, to doing so intelligently. In fact, advanced microgrids are smart and leverage data-driven solutions to help mission critical … [Read more...]

Microgrids: the Key to Organizational Resilience

Microgrids: the Key to Organizational Resilience May 13 1PM EST  Explore the energy and organization resilience opportunities microgrids present to organizations that use large amounts of energy. Energy costs are increasing amid a growing collective responsibility to reduce impacts on climate change. Learn from microgrid experts how you can … [Read more...]

Stepping up in a Crisis – Rapidly Deployed, Clean Microgrids for Healthcare Facilities.

As companies step up across the globe to combat the crippling effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bloom Energy is fighting the war on two fronts by helping COVID-19 patients breathe easier in very different ways. As the U.S. faces a critical shortage of ventilators, a critical medical device used to treat respiratory failure in COVID-19  patients, … [Read more...]

Part 2 – Deployment to Hardware, System Architecture, Hardware Validation & Controller Monitoring

Model-Driven Solution with Validation from Design to Operation Decentralization, digitization, and decarbonization are changing the energy landscape. Microgrids are a crucial enabler changing the way energy is generated, managed, and delivered. Intelligent & validated control logics are crucial to achieving operational and business … [Read more...]