Energy Writing Services Now Offered by Microgrid Knowledge Parent via Merger with Real Energy Writers

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Microgrid Knowledge’s parent company, Energy Efficiency Markets (EEM), has launched a new energy writing services division via a merger with Real Energy Writers.

Energy writing services

Real Energy Writers is now an affiiliate of Microgrid Knowledge. Photo by Romolo Tavani/

Under the new ownership structure, Real Energy Writers becomes a division of EEM, expanding EEM’s custom energy writing services to all sectors of the power industry. The new division provides white papers, reports, blogs, articles, think pieces, analysis, speeches, lead generation content, infographics, sales material, proposals, surveys, video scripts and other energy content.

“Real Energy Writers is known for translating complex topics into highly readable prose,” said Kevin Normandeau, EEM managing partner and publisher of Microgrid Knowledge. “Its team of writers and editors have decades of experience producing content for some of the largest companies, trade associations and publishers in the electric power industry.”

Prior to the merger, the two companies had a close alliance. Real Energy Writers produces the content for Microgrid Knowledge, where Real Energy Writers’ founders Lisa Cohn and Elisa Wood also serve as editors.

Cohn and Wood began Real Energy Writers almost two decades ago and have since assembled a team of highly skilled writers and editors with deep knowledge of the energy industry. The team has extensive experience writing about all sectors of the power industry, including wholesale and retail markets, utilities, independent power, regulation and policy, finance, and all forms of electric generation.

“This sets Real Energy Writers apart from other content writing services – its writers know energy,” Normandeau said.

Normandeau noted that demand for energy writing services is on the rise as companies become aware of the importance of posting engaging content on their websites to improve SEO. Given the complex nature of the industry, companies often need long-form writing to explain their products and services.

In addition to publishing Microgrid Knowledge, EEM produces a popular microgrid conference series. The next event is Microgrid 2019: Shaping the New Grid, May 14-16 in San Diego, Calif.

For more information about energy writing services offered by Real Energy Writers, contact Kevin Normandeau, or 508-259-8570.

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