Benefits Energy Storage Brings to Smart Microgrids

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Smart microgrids are able to integrate renewable resources and allow for customer participation in the electrical grid through local power generation. Energy storage plays a critical role is a smart microgrids. Energy storage helps facilitate the use of renewable energy resources to power microgrids, while also protecting power stability and reliability within the microgrid.

Energy storage technology has advanced significantly in recent years, and the latest technology holds many promising benefits for microgrid applications. In fact, these new energy storage technologies require a complete rethinking of what microgrids are capable of doing. This white paper from S&C Electric looks at the impact of energy storage on smart microgrids, and will also look at a few real-world applications of energy storage within a microgrid. Some of the topics discussed in this paper include:

  • Providing a Reliable Power Supply for Microgrids
  • Balancing Power Flow and Quality
  • Integrating Renewable Resources in to a Smart Microgrid
  • Seamless Transition to Backup Generation
  • Microgrids and Energy Storage Case Studies

This white paper on the benefits of energy storage is available for download from the Microgrid Knowledge White Paper Library.

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