Energy Efficiency News Abounds in Our Podcast Library – Nearly 300 Interviews!

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We’ll bet you didn’t know that we have nearly 300 energy efficiency news podcasts in our library–interviews with industry players about topics ranging from climate change to venture capital.

Here’s a rundown for you about our energy efficiency news podcast library. The podcasts falls into the categories of utilities, venture capital and investment, technology, climate change, distributed generation, microgrid, financing, residential efficiency, commercial and industrial efficiency, demand response, lighting, transportation, smart grid, legislation and politics, data center efficiency, and general trends.


In general, the most popular podcasts address efficiency savings and financing opportunities. Also, the podcasts that state precisely how much users can save in energy costs also do well. Our most popular podcasts are often our most recent ones, due to the uptick in traffic to our website.

Here are a few examples:

New Business Opportunities Podcast

Cut Energy Use 5% to 30% With Submetering Plus Controls

One category–utilities–offers 18 podcasts, many of them about how to motivate utility customers to save energy

One of the more popular utility podcasts is about how to sell energy efficiency to utility CFOs, and you can find it here:

Sell That Energy Efficiency To Utility CFOs

Want to send us an idea for a podcast? Email [email protected] Think “big picture” when you’re pitching an idea. We’d prefer to interview you about a trend instead of your particular product. It’s a good idea to hitch your topic to something that’s happening in the news right now–controversy, legislation, or people in the news.

And feel free to email us at [email protected] with comments, suggestions and ideas!

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