Energy Efficiency MicroNews: EnerNOC, AES Energy Storage, FuelCell Energy

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This week in energy efficiency MicroNews…

Manhattan Center Studios has contracted with EnerNOC to deploy a suite of energy management software and professional services, including DemandSMART demand response software, EfficiencySMART software and services that deliver continuous energy savings, and SupplySMART, an intelligent energy procurement solution.  DemandSMART will enable Manhattan Center to participate in three different New York-area demand response opportunities and provide the company with access to its real-time energy and earnings data.

More about EnerNOC’s project with Manhattan Center Studios

AES Energy Storage made three energy storage announcements. First, the company has introduced its AES Advancion, a complete battery-based grid resource that acts as both a generation and load resource, enabling more than twice the flexible range of a peaker plant on the same size interconnection. It is continuously available without burning fuel and was designed with the ability to tap into existing unused capacity from efficient natural gas combined cycle power plants, solar and wind facilities. Second, AES is making public two of its technology centers that supported the development of Advancion and will continue to drive innovation in the delivery of grid-scale energy storage. Finally, AES announced a supplier agreement with LG Chem and Parker Hannifin to work together in developing storage in the California market

More about AES’s Advancion, a complete battery-based grid resource

More about AES’s Battery Integration Center, with LG Chem and Parker Hannifin as initial partners

More about AES’s Storage Applications Center to validate next-generation storage capabilities in a customer environment

FuelCell Energy announced a $2.8 million continuation of an award from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Manufacturing Office to showcase the tri-generation capabilities of a Direct FuelCell (DFC) power plant for industrial applications. Versatile DFC power plants can provide hydrogen at the point of use in addition to ultra-clean electricity and usable high quality heat in a solution that is cost competitive, environmentally friendly and easy to site. FuelCell Energy will install a sub-megawatt fuel cell power plant at its manufacturing facility in Torrington, Connecticut, to generate hydrogen, electricity and heat. This will replace hydrogen that is currently purchased and delivered to the facility via truck, and also replaces electricity purchased from the electric grid. The tri-generation DFC-H2 is expected to be operational by the end of 2014.

More about FuelCell’s $2.8-million award to showcase its Direct FuelCell power plant

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