Energy Efficiency – Key to US Economy

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Energy efficiency is critical to US economic prosperity and global competitiveness. It makes sense; the economies that are able to reduce their energy consumption and maximize their output are reducing costs, and giving themselves a competitive advantage. If the United States wants to maintain its position as a world leader, it’s clear energy efficiency must play a critical role in maintaining our economic prosperity.

These are the conclusions of the American Council for an Energy Efficiency Economy’s (ACEEE) paper on International Energy Efficiency. The United States came in a disappointing 9th place out of 12 of the world’s largest economies. This white paper launches ACEEE’s annual effort to examine and characterize the overall state of energy efficiency in the United States, helping us determine whether our industry and economy have improved, declined or stayed the same.

This study looks at 15 different indicators and compiles data from many recognized sources, including the US Energy Information Administration (EIA). The results are presented in a very clean fashion using status indicators

The United States has made meaningful progress in several areas such as energy productivity. However, a few areas have shown little progression and the area of Combined Heat and Power has shown evidence of backsliding.

There is no question the US is becoming more energy efficient. Yet, this study suggests our improvements are modest, and the industry needs to be more aggressive in embracing meaningful policies and programs that will lead to significant improvements in our energy efficiency. If you would like to download this complete study, please visit the Energy Efficiency Markets White Paper Library.

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