Energy Analytics Company Attracts Most Podcast Listeners With Its Six Percent Savings Claim

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Can energy data analytics company Bidgely really beat out the competition by 300% and cut energy usage in homes by six percent? Hundreds of  of our listeners wanted to find out this week as they downloaded this podcast and checked out our interview with Abhay Gupta, CEO of Bidgely.

Our Energy Efficiency Markets podcast often is downloaded by hundreds of energy efficiency professionals, but this one jumped to the top of our popularity list in a matter of days. What sets this company apart, Bidgely says, is its ability to let homeowners know how much energy different devices are using–air conditioners and dishwashers, for example. That’s how the company can achieve the savings, he says.

Listen to the podcast here: Podcast With Bidgely and be sure to comment, email us, or post your thoughts in our linkedin group here: Energy Efficiency Markets on LinkedIn

Not far behind this podcast in popularity was our interview about Seattle’s benchmarking program, which is said to yield up to 12 percent savings.

You can listen to the Seattle podcast here: Podcast Interview About Seattle’s Benchmarking Program

You might observe that these are both recent podcasts. It’s true, our following is growing day by day.  However, podcasts that provide information about how to save lots of energy are often our most popular.

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