Enchanted Rock’s reciprocating engine secures CARB DG certification

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Texas-based microgrid developer Enchanted Rock said its reciprocating engine has become the first such engine to meet the strict emissions standards under the California Air Resources Board Distributed Generation (CARB DG) certification.


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Most CARB DG certified technologies are microturbines and fuel cells, while Enchanted Rock’s application was for a reciprocating engine. Enchanted Rock said that its generator technology underwent rigorous testing to become the first engine of its kind to have emissions low enough to meet the necessary standards. 

Enchanted Rock worked with Encino Environmental Services on emissions performance testing and analysis for the CARB DG process, to prepare the application and proceed through the certification process.

“At Enchanted Rock, our goal is to be the industry leader in providing electrical resiliency-as-a-service with an emphasis on sustainability,” said Ian Blakely, chief strategy officer of Enchanted Rock. “Meeting the CARB DG requirements is validation of our continued push to provide cleanest long duration resiliency in the market, as these standards are one of the highest in the world. When our customers use our generators, they can be confident that we’re not only providing world class reliability but doing so with minimal impact on the environment and public health.”

The announcement follows recent news that Enchanted Rock will provide its microgrid technology for Microsoft’s new data center in San Jose, California. 

The Microsoft project represents California’s largest microgrid to date that will use renewable natural gas (RNG) to offset fossil fuels.

Plans call for a 100-MW microgrid that will include 224 natural gas generators, each with a 0.45 MW capacity. The on-site generators will not actually use RNG — they will be fueled by natural gas — but Enchanted Rock will inject an equal amount of RNG into the grid to offset the natural gas use.

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