Efficient Truck Technology Podcast Attracts Record Number of Listeners

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Efficient Truck Technology Podcast Most Popular To Date

It’s hard to predict what will attract the largest numbers of listeners to our popular Energy Efficiency Markets Podcast.

In fact, this month yielded a big surprise.

A podcast about a new technology developed by Maglev Energy and University of Central Florida researchers broke our record for garnering the most listeners. The podcast was about a technology that will reduce fossil fuel use in commercial trucks, potentially saving fleet owners more than $2 million a year and reducing carbon emissions. 

You can listen here:


While we were surprised by the popularity of this podcast, we do know that certain topics appeal to our listeners. Breakthrough technologies that save large amounts of energy and podcasts about hot topics in the news are among them. For example, our podcast, “Do Smart Meters Provide Criminals with a Route into Homes?” was also very popular:


Also garnering many listeners was the podcast, “Fuel Cells for Microgrid, Off-Grid Applications,” which you can listen to here:


Please join the conversation! Send your podcast ideas to [email protected]–and maybe your idea will be the next record-breaker!

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