Efficient Motors: 50% to 80% More Efficient, Same Cost as Older Technologies

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Energy efficient motors can cut energy costs by 50 percent to 80 percent compared to older technologies. Even better, they can do that at the same cost as motors that use old-style technologies.

That’s the word from PJ Piper, president and CEO of QM Power, in this podcast interview. Click on the player above to listen.

In the interview, he explains that DOE has partnered with The Oak Ridge National Laboratory to release a white paper detailing the results of a grocery store retrofitted with his company’s “high-impact” motor technology.

About 65 percent of motors use old technology that was first created in the 1800s, he says. It’s reliable, but not efficient. To boost the efficiency of motors, his company uses electronics.

“These smart synchronous motors will be up to 80 percent more efficient,” he says. “Our motors come to speed in one to two seconds.”

The DOE is now testing out the motors in about 50 sites.

While the motors can be used in numerous applications ranging from wind turbines to robotics, HVAC and refrigeration applications are the most lucrative, says Piper.

Utilities are expressing interest in possibly driving customers to use the motors, especially to reduce peak demand. “The utilities will buy the motors for users in their area and give them rebates so they can reduce their energy use and peak demand,” he says.

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