Cutting Foreign Oil, Saving Lives and Other Benefits of California’s Microgrid Projects: CEC Chairman Part 1

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Robert Weisenmiller, chairman of the California Energy Commission, hails the many benefits of California’s microgrid projects—including cutting foreign oil use and saving lives for the military. The commission has awarded $1.7 million for a military microgrid demonstration project. Part one of a two-part interview by Lisa Cohn.

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  1. Excellent podcast. Thank you. Generally speaking micro-grids are of high voltages: 21 kv or 12 kv, 480/277 volt, 3-phase systems. As such the primary comment I get from micro-grid owners is they wish they would have done a better job of the predictive maintenance, and required operation and maintenance of their micro-grid. The secondary comment is the micro-grid owners is that of making sure they have a “:service agreement” in place with a high voltage contractor. The reason for this is such systems require standard O&M just like any complex system. The difference is we are dealing with higher voltages which requires special training and certification. When the systems fail generally speaking the end-use customer may not have the staff on hand to troubleshoot and make repairs causing delays and possible safety issues. Therefore it is important for the end user to ensure they are meeting the best practices of an electric grid. and its power sources.