CPS Energy Issues RFP Seeking Solar Contracter for Military Microgrid

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military microgrid

Texas-based CPS Energy has issued a request for proposals for a contractor to provide a photovoltaic system and related services for a military microgrid in San Antonio, Texas.

The solar system will be integrated with battery storage at Joint Base San Antonio, Fort Sam Houston. The system will provide power to a single building while disconnected from the grid.

The RFP was issued Sept. 22, 2015.

To be considered, bidders must participate in a mandatory pre-proposal meeting September 30, 2015. Questions on the RFP must be submitted no later than Oct. 1, 2015. Bids are due October 9, 2015.  (See the RFP for specific times.)

In selecting a winner, CPS Energy will score bids based on the following characteristics, weighted in this order: general contractor qualifications, references and experience; project schedule; pricing; safety; experience with CPS Energy; compliance with terms and specification of this RFP; subcontractor qualifications and experience; economic development.

CPS Energy will initially evaluate all proposals based upon evaluation criteria found in the RFP or as further clarified throughout the evaluation process.

After that, the company may award the contract or may prepare a short list of bidders and ask them to make initial presentations.

After bids are further evaluated and clarified, CPS Energy will select one or more potential candidates.  During this period, the company will enter into discussions and negotiations with each short-listed bidder. Bidders may then be asked to  prepare a best and final offer to provide solar for military microgrid.

A proposal will only be considered if the bidder meets certain qualification standards, which focus on years of experience, references, licenses and similar requirements.

The RFP documentation includes a proposed contract.

For more information about the military microgrid solar RFP contact is Karen Smith, KTSmith@CPSEnergy.com.

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