California All-Electric Vehicle Goal Leads to CleanSpark Acquisition

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California’s goal to phase out gasoline-powered cars by 2035 puts state agencies, public sector companies and utilities on a fast track to build supporting electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure. That’s why CleanSpark, a software and services company, is joining the EV charging station market with its recently acquired subsidiary, GridFabric.

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In announcing the acquisition, CleanSpark said it sees an uphill climb ahead for California to meet its goal with adequate power for EVs and existing power customers.

Already aging electric utility systems need upgrades to maintain grid stability and to deal with increased demand. More than ever, utilities must maximize their performance and be resilient to back-up critical energy loads in the event of a utility disruption, according to CleanSpark. California’s wildfires continue to burn, creating more grid challenges.  

Fast-charging stations for EVs increase the need for highly sophisticated demand management and load-balancing programs. 

GridFabric’s OpenADR provides solutions to balance the increased utility grid load and manage electric power for EV charging stations, according to the company. It also helps the utility to manage power distribution to the grid. GridFabric can rapidly implement OpenADR and provide the corresponding certification.

GridFabric’s OpenADR software is already in use at two EV charging companies. CleanSpark completed a solar plus storage facility at Pendleton Marine base in California in 2019. This facility provides continuous off-grid power with battery back-up to a portion of the large base. 

In Costa Rica, two microgrid projects will use CleanSpark’s control technology. One will operate at a large industrial park in San Jose. The second microgrid will power a construction and assembly factory in San Jose, Alajuela Province. 

CleanSpark’s microgrid system will deliver renewable power to more than 200 off-grid cabins in Ensenada, Baja, Mexico. A second microgrid in the area will operate in conjunction with local grid power for a new luxury community. In both locations, these microgrid systems will also deliver power to surrounding commercial properties.

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