How do you make EVs cool everywhere in the US?

It’s becoming increasingly clear that electric vehicles, or EVs, create fertile ground for microgrids and vice versa.  Microgrids are being built to provide electricity for EVs in places where the grid isn’t up to the task or where EV customers seek greener or more reliable power. Meanwhile, more microgrid developers are incorporating EV … [Read more...]

Can microgrids help to bridge the infrastructure gap for the EV charging surge?

Norm Campbell, manager of business development at Go Electric, explores the challenges and the potential for battery-enabled microgrids to be the bridge while the distribution infrastructure transitions to handle the coming EV charging and EV generation loads. We have all seen the executive order and the Inflation Reduction Act with a push … [Read more...]

Denver Nonprofit to Showcase Fermata Energy Vehicle-to-Grid Charger

The Alliance Center, a Denver, Colorado, nonprofit that models innovative green building technologies, is installing a Fermata Energy bidirectional charger with demand-peak predictive software to reduce energy costs while tackling climate change. “Through our system of bidirectional charger married with our proprietary V2X software system, … [Read more...]