Are Government Energy Efficiency Mandates Ineffective?

Government energy efficiency mandates--especially those relating to appliances--are clunky and ineffective, says Ted Gayer, Brookings Institution vice president of economic studies. The costs outweigh the benefits, he says. It would make more economic sense to tax energy use or companies that produce pollution. … [Read more...]

Getting Control Over a Building’s Electric Appetite: The Latest in Energy Monitoring

We all know the big numbers. Buildings gobble up nearly three quarters of electricity in the U.S. But to really save energy, we need to know the particulars of each building's appetite -- and control it. Hence, technologies for energy monitoring, control and automation are becoming increasingly important. The global market for wireless sensor … [Read more...]

USDA Funding for Rural Energy Efficiency and Renewables

Farmers and small business owners can now apply for funds to install rural energy efficiency or renewable energy improvements, offered through the new 2015 Rural Energy for America Program (REAP). REAP allows farmers, ranchers and other small business owners to save money on their energy bills, reduce America's dependence on foreign oil, support … [Read more...]

Podcast: What’s The Difference Between Community Solar & Green Power

With PG&E planning to offer solar as both a community solar and green power program, we asked what's the difference--and who would be interested in community solar instead of green power. Erica Schroeder McConnell, attorney for Interstate Renewable Energy Council, answers the question in this podcast. … [Read more...]

ARPA-E Readies Grid for Disruptive Energy Technologies; Offers $30M for Projects

ARPA-E is offering $30 million for projects that can ready the electric grid for disruptive energy technologies, with an eye toward preparing for more microgrids, renewables and distributed energy. which appear to bring both complication and benefits to the US energy system.withRenewable energy creates uncertainty and variability on the grid … [Read more...]

ARPA-E Offers $30M to Integrate Microgrids, Distributed Generation into US Grid

ARPA-E is seeking ideas to integrate microgrids, renewables and other distributed energy into the central grid. The U.S Department of Energy agency is offering up to $30 million for projects. Renewable energy creates uncertainty and variability on the grid because it is intermittent. But there may be ways to use this uncertainty to benefit … [Read more...]

California Seeks Bids for Building Energy Efficiency Standards

The California Energy Commission (CEC) is seeking bids for technical support to develop building energy efficiency standards, as part of a periodic update required under the Warren-Alquist State Energy Resources Conservation and Development Act. These building standards address newly constructed buildings and additions, as well as alterations to … [Read more...]

PG&E Seeks Bids for Energy Storage, for Renewable Energy

Pacific Gas & Electric seeks bids for energy storage as part of its January 5  solicitation for up to 1,600 GWh of renewable energy. PG&E hopes to increase its renewable energy production while simultaneously adding energy storage capacity that can be counted towards its energy storage procurement targets. The utility will only … [Read more...]

The Booming Market for Off-Grid Energy in Urban Areas

There's a booming market for off-grid energy that takes advantage of solar in urban areas, says Alex MeVay, president and CTO of Blue Sky Energy. Solar street lighting and solar parking meters are two examples. His company offers technology that improves by 10 to 30 percent the output of solar systems that use battery storage. … [Read more...]

Snowline Joint Unified School District Taps Energy Efficiency to Bridge the Budge Gap

The Snowline Joint Unified School District (USD), California, received $365,000 in approved funding as part of an energy savings performance contract (ESPC) through Proposition 39, which allows for much needed lighting upgrades and other building improvements with Schneider Electric. “We have always been very proactive in regards to energy … [Read more...]