Aggreko Planning to Launch 10 50kVA Hydrogen Combustion Power Generators

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Aggreko, which produces modular generators, is launching its first line of commercial hydrogen generators, debuting to European customers in the second half of 2021. 


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Together with CMB.TECH, Aggreko has developed a 50 kWA hydrogen combustion energy generating system and plans to invest in 10 identical units for the companies’ lead customers and partners to test and validate the technology.  

Each of the 10 50kVA hydrogen combustion generators has been constructed to reach Tier 4f/Stage V emissions compliance, releasing little to no nitrous oxide (NOx) gases while generating, storing, or discharging electricity. 

Aside from the combustion gensets, Aggreko is also testing some of the other long-term energy capabilities of hydrogen power at its hub in Moerdijk, Netherlands. 

The research is a part of the company’s net zero program, which aims to reduce the amount of fossil diesel fuels used in Aggreko customer solutions by at least 50% before 2030.

In partnership with Nedstack, Aggreko is also developing technology to incorporate zero-emission hydrogen generation into a canopy storage battery system. 

Currently, the company is piloting a hydrogen hybrid solution that consists of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell and lithium-ion battery storage to create a 45 kVA net-zero system. 

As the company tests its first hydrogen fuel cell hybrid system in-house, Aggreko hopes to learn and better understand the capabilities of hydrogen power for businesses worldwide.

Headquartered in Scotland with operations in over 75 countries, Aggregko is attempting to accelerate hydrogen technology alongside its other renewable efforts. Last year, the company installed a  7.7 MW solar microgrid at the Granny Smith Gold Mine in Australia with a 2 MW/1 MWh battery storage system. 
While the company serves many different industries, Aggreko representatives are hopeful that their hydrogen power technology will help reduce emissions in sectors like transportation, events, and construction. 

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