Siemens Extends Partnership Advancing Microgrids in British Columbia

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Siemens Canada and the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) will extend their partnership advancing microgrids under a recently signed memorandum of agreement.

The pair also will work on smart grid cybersecurity issues, focusing on gaps in Canada’s public utility infrastructure that makes it vulnerable to attack.

Under the new long-term collaborative agreement, Siemens and BCIT will work together on research and commercialization opportunities on both technologies, seeking out applications in the growing markets.

The partners have been working on other projects for some time under a previous arrangement that resulted in Canada’s first campus-wide microgrid. Michael Weinhold, Siemens global chief technology officer for energy management, described the microgrid as “a strong reference solution not only for Canada but around the world.”

Now the team will focus on advancing microgrids through development of technologies, components, and solutions for cost-effective and environmentally responsible electrification, not only in Canada but internationally. The new project will focus on how microgrids can improve energy reliability, sustainability, resiliency, or economies.

“Our energy systems are becoming increasingly complex with rapidly changing technology — the challenges and opportunities presented by smart grids, distributed energy resources and solutions such as microgrids underline the importance of the focus topics being pursued under this MOU,” said Faisal Kazi, senior vice president, energy management for Siemens Canada.

On the cybersecurity front,  Siemens and BCIT will work on knowledge-sharing and training. The project springs from concerns over the growing connectivity of electrical networks in Canada, which leaves the nation more vulnerable to cyber attacks.

The Siemens and BCIT signed the MOU as part  of a best-practice sharing session and campus tour attended by BCIT and Siemens executives and stakeholders.

For more about Siemens’ work advancing microgrids, download the free report, “How Microgrids Can Achieve Maximum Return on Investment (ROI): The Role of the Advanced Microgrid Controller.”

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