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Goodbye Two Guys and a Truck, Hello the Nation. Growing an Energy Efficiency Installation Business Big

It’s commonly held that a small business model best suits energy efficiency installation, what’s dubbed ‘two guys and a truck.’ But a Philadelphia company is intent on showing that scale is possible in the US – national scale. The Mark Group USA is quickly expanding beyond its Pennsylvania base with an eye toward becoming a national energy … [Read more...]

You Are What You Read? The Stories Readers Liked Best in 2013

Here’s what we can guess about you, our audience, based on the stories you read the most this year on You’re intrigued by up-and-coming concepts and technologies. The counter-intuitive draws your attention, as do emerging trends and young and rising companies. You’re looking for news not easily found elsewhere that … [Read more...]

Rhode Island Leapfrogs toward a Grid of the Future and Microgrids

A lot of states are talking about building a grid of the future and microgrids. But often it seems more like the grid of the far-off future. Not so, however, in Rhode Island. The state is taking advantage of its small size and second-mover position to act fast and avoid problems bogging down other states. In a recent interview with Microgrid … [Read more...]

How Gas Turbine Microgrids Create Smart Megawatts

Movement is afoot worldwide to bring new intelligence to conventional or ‘dumb’ generation. Gas turbine microgrids are central to this smartening of power generation. The term dumb generation describes the kind of conventional power plants, wind turbines or solar panels that have been used for decades. They produce megawatts, but do nothing … [Read more...]

The Threat of Hackers Disabling the Grid: Not Science Fiction

It’s hard to scan a movie or best-seller’s list without coming upon a dystopian story – or many. Perhaps that’s why we don't appear to take seriously the threat of hackers disabling the grid. We’ve become habituated. That was last week’s episode. But no. As a recent report from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security indicates we really do … [Read more...]

Excuse me, Which Way is the Distributed Energy Store?

Creating a distributed energy market requires a lot of thought, a little bit of daring, and tremendous peace-keeping skills -- as shown in New York’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV). But more than anything else, a distributed energy market requires customers. Customers who know they are customers. The kind that stand in line at grocery stores … [Read more...]

Defining the Energy Efficiency Market: Big Dogs and Fish with Legs

Defining the energy efficiency market is a bit like trying to walk dogs, birds and fish at the same time. Some companies walk well, some just want to fly, and some don’t even have legs (yet). In short, the industry encompasses companies of many kinds and size that have little in common except their energy-saving intent: green home builders, … [Read more...]

Export opportunity for US energy efficiency?

By Elisa Wood August 12, 2010 For a long time the energy efficiency industry operated largely under the two-guys-and-a-truck-model: local businesses made up of small contractors. Then the ‘super’ energy efficiency service companies (ESCOs) emerged, big operations taking on big contracts often for government, schools or hospitals, like the $35 … [Read more...]

What does the US/China agreement mean for efficiency?

By Elisa Wood November 19, 2009 The energy efficiency market has a gawky quality. It is not exactly one market but a conglomeration of various industries as diverse as appliance manufacturers, energy auditors, smart meter software designers and cogeneration developers. They are unified only in their ability to save energy. All arms and legs as … [Read more...]