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Energy Intelligence Is Essential to Smarter Energy Use

Exactly what kind of energy system might a dog lover living in a house built in the 1990s be likely to install? Tendril's Chris Black explains how energy intelligence opens the door for deep insight into people and how they live. We citizens of the world must change the way we consume energy. Both the recent climate change agreement in Paris … [Read more...]

How Utilities Can Harness the Power of Community Solar

Like microgrids, community solar (aka solar gardens) is growing in popularity as the U.S. comes to value clean and local energy. Here Tendril's Chris Black offers insight into how community solar benefits both utilities and consumers. Two forces must converge to truly bring solar to the masses: consumers and their utilities. Put these two … [Read more...]

Measured Results are Coming to Energy Efficiency Programs. Are You Ready?

Energy efficiency programs are increasingly measured and ranked.  Nate Adams, of Energy Smart Home Performance, explains what this new transparency means to the industry. "What gets measured, gets managed," Peter Drucker. Until now, most energy efficiency programs have been able to live in the dark, or at the very least in rooms lit only with … [Read more...]

Are You Really Using Less Electricity? Just Look at the Weather

An environmentally conscious energy customer plans to install LED light bulbs throughout his family’s home. It’s an investment, he knows—these bulbs aren’t cheap. But he figures it will be worth it because he’ll surely reduce his energy use. Or will he? It seems like a simple question. A quick comparison of pre- and post-LED energy bills … [Read more...]

The Consumer-Centric Energy Provider: Moving from Concept To Reality

What does it take to be a consumer-centric energy provider? Think of yourself as a consumer goods company with an active storefront, says Marie Bahl McKenna, Tendril's senior vice president of sales and marketing. As an energy provider, you’re likely hearing conversations about how the industry is moving to a services model. While all the talk is … [Read more...]

Everyone Knows You Except for Your Electric Utility

By Elisa Wood Netflix, you were right. I liked Downton Abbey. And thanks, Amazon I do want to read Michael Lewis’ new book. I still can’t figure out how Google knows I have a new dog. Even if at times it feels a bit eerie, such ‘consumer-of-one’ marketing is a convenience many of us have come to appreciate. And it’s an approach now embraced … [Read more...]

Opower’s IPO and Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Opower’s founders Dan Yates and Alex Laskey announced the start of the company’s IPO today in a blog that took a walk down memory lane. The founders showed how far the company has come  by resurrecting a back-of-an-envelope doodle from its infancy in 2006. Yates and Laskey had sketched what look like coal trains, bar charts and dollar signs … [Read more...]

The Opower IPO is a Testament to Behavioral Energy Efficiency, but it’s Time to Take it to the Next Level

Congratulations to Opower on its initial public offering today. Dan, Alex and the team there have done great work, especially helping utilities achieve energy efficiency compliance mandates. But as I sit back and think about the state of our industry, I can’t help but wonder…is this it? And if it isn’t, where do we go from here? By no means am I … [Read more...]

Google and Nest: What the $3.2 Billion Deal Says about Energy Efficiency Markets

A collective “wow” echoed throughout the energy efficiency industry this week when Google announced its purchase of thermostat maker Nest for a smashing $3.2 billion. It is the first marquee deal to emerge since tech ventures began grasping for the new prize in energy: the home efficiency market.  The game has been to figure out how to get … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency Firms Lead Worldwide Clean Technology List

The new Global Cleantech 100 list of private companies breaking barriers with their clean technology ideas and executions across the worldwide economy finds that energy efficiency companies not only continue to dominate the list, but are growing in influence. For the past five years, the Cleantech Group has published an inventory of 100 companies … [Read more...]