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Can microgrids help to bridge the infrastructure gap for the EV charging surge?

Norm Campbell, manager of business development at Go Electric, explores the challenges and the potential for battery-enabled microgrids to be the bridge while the distribution infrastructure transitions to handle the coming EV charging and EV generation loads. We have all seen the executive order and the Inflation Reduction Act with a push … [Read more...]

Members of Congress urge the DOE to use infrastructure funds for microgrids

The Department of Energy (DOE) received a nudge last week from two members of Congress — Reps. Jimmy Panetta, D-Calif., and Andrew Garbarino, R-N.Y. — to remember microgrids when allocating infrastructure funds. In a letter to Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, the congressmen cited Section 40101 of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs … [Read more...]

Making Microgrids a Building Block of US Infrastructure and Climate Goals

What opportunities does the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure act — and other federal climate and energy programs — create for microgrids? How can you capture them? What role might communities play? And what can we do to ensure that microgrids become a bigger priority for Washington lawmakers and policymakers? All of this and more is covered in … [Read more...]

The State of the Grid: Improving Energy Solutions for Evolving Digital Infrastructure Power Needs

The electric grid is a dynamic, multi-faceted ecosystem made up of asset owners, manufacturers, service providers, and federal, state, and local government officials. Ensuring the grid provides reliable, efficient, and sustainable electricity continues to be a challenge across the entire ecosystem. Many of these challenges can be addressed by … [Read more...]

US DOE to help 22 communities find infrastructure funds for microgrids and clean energy projects

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has opened the door for 22 communities to capture federal infrastructure funds for microgrids and other clean energy projects through a program that emphasizes “place-based approaches.” Called Communities LEAP (Local Energy Action Program), the initiative helps these cities, towns and tribes develop clean energy … [Read more...]

ULI Boston High Performance Districts & Grid Efficient Buildings: An Answer for Energy Infrastructure, Sustainability & Resiliency?

The U.S. electric power sector is changing in both challenging and exciting ways. Among the factors influencing this evolution are: The growth of renewable energy sources, and the decentralization of power generation into more distributed energy resources; Technological improvements in energy storage, communications, sensors and … [Read more...]

Amazon and GS Futures Invest $5 Million in Resilient Power to Accelerate EV Infrastructure

Seattle tech giant Amazon and Korean venture capital firm GS Futures have awarded Resilient Power, a startup based in Austin, Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia, with $5 million in seed funding to build solid-state transformer-based EV charging system that can become a microgrid in a box. While Resilient Power has previously received capital from … [Read more...]

What the US Infrastructure Deal Does for Microgrids

Last week’s passage of a $1 trillion infrastructure bill by the US House of Representatives paves the way for a range of new funding opportunities for microgrids. Pushed by President Biden, and already approved by the Senate in August, H.R. 3684 is now cleared to become law after a 228-206 vote Friday night by the House.  UPDATE! President … [Read more...]

AlphaStruxure and The Mobility House Partner on North American EV Infrastructure

AlphaStruxure, a joint venture between Schneider Electric and The Carlyle Group, has partnered with The Mobility House to help streamline the development of zero-emission electric fleet infrastructure in North America.  The partnership unites AlphaStruxure’s microgrid technology and energy as a service platform with The Mobility House’s … [Read more...]

Latest US Infrastructure Bill Continues to Champion Microgrids, Resilience and Remote Communities

The bipartisan infrastructure bill — which mentions microgrids five times — would pump billions of dollars into the US grid, partly to bolster reliability and resilience. Unveiled Aug. 1, the roughly $1.2 trillion bill is a slimmed down version of legislation floated by the White House in late March. The much-awaited bill includes about … [Read more...]