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PXiSE CEO Explores the Biggest Influences for the Microgrid Market in 2020

In this video, Elisa Wood, Microgrid Knowledge editor-in-chief, interviews Patrick Lee, co-founder and CEO of PXiSE Energy Solutions, a Sempra Energy company. The interview, about trends in the microgrid market, took place during Microgrid 2020 Global. The two explore … [Read more...]


PXiSE Energy Solutions offers high-speed, precise control technology that unlocks the potential of distributed and renewable energy generation while ensuring continuous system balance. … [Read more...]

PXiSE, Toshiba Form Alliance Targeting Japanese Microgrid Market

PXiSE Energy Solutions and Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions have formed an alliance to develop microgrids, with an initial focus on Japan and growing to the global market. Mitsui & Co., a Japanese company and a PXiSE investor, will also participate in the venture, the companies said Sept. 23. PXiSE, a Sempra Energy subsidiary, … [Read more...]

PXiSE Aims to Create “Federation of Microgrids” in Australia with DERMS

Sempra subsidiary PXiSE Energy Solutions plans to create a federation of microgrids to boost renewable energy in remote Australia towns under a new agreement with utility Horizon Power. Many of the isolated towns now have mini-grids or microgrids, each about 1 MW in size, that burn up to 95 percent diesel, said Patrick Lee, president of … [Read more...]

Mitsui & Co Takes Equity Stake in Sempra’s PXiSE Energy Solutions

Global giant Mitsui & Co has acquired up to 20 percent of PXiSE Energy Solutions, a subsidiary of Sempra Energy, in a move that is expected to accelerate the software company’s microgrid play. Announced today, the multi-million dollar investment deal brings Mitsui’s sales and marketing reach to PXiSE’s high-speed software, designed for … [Read more...]

Global Drivers for Microgrid

Microgrids are now a worldwide phenomenon. In this video, we give you a tour of global efforts in the words of those leading the way. Learn about some of the things that are driving global microgrid adoption from industry experts from PXiSE Energy Solutions, Husk Power Systems, Aggreko, and Scylla Microgrid. This session is moderated by Matt … [Read more...]

Microgrid Reliability: What’s the Secret Sauce?

In this video, we look inside the microgrid to see how it creates exceptional electric reliability. Learn about a microgrid’s intelligence, islanding capability and use of energy storage. What are the pros and cons of different kinds of batteries? When are flywheels and fuel cells an option? What new breakthroughs are on the horizon for … [Read more...]

How Many Hurricanes Must Slam the Grid Before We Get the Message? 

The electric grid’s dysfunctional relationship with hurricanes offers a new twist on the Humpty-Dumpty story. Again and again when fierce storms like Hurricane Ida topple wires and poles, all the king’s horses and all the king’s men do put the grid back together again. But with the next big blow, down it goes. So it was head-scratching this … [Read more...]

Preparing the Next Generation: Microgrids as an Energy and Educational Resource for Universities

In this video, learn how campus microgrids can be used as an energy and educational resource to prepare the new energy workforce. Patrick Lee of PXiSE and David Liebman of the Sonoma County Junior College District discuss how to ensure the educational mission in a wildfire zone. William Byun of the California State University San Marcos and James … [Read more...]

As Extreme Heat Overwhelms the Northwest, Congressional Briefing Looks to Microgrids

With a heat dome bringing record setting high temperatures to the Pacific Northwest, US Rep. Jimmy Panetta, D-Calif., said microgrids are one of the solutions for dealing with extreme weather, during a Congressional briefing. “It's a cleaner alternative to the default backup generators that many people have right now,” Panetta said June 25 … [Read more...]