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Microgrid 2021: Greater Good Awards

In this video, learn about the the projects that were awarded Microgrid Knowledge Greater Good awards during the Microgrid 2021 conference. The three winning projects selected by a panel of independent judges for their ability to tell the story of how microgrids serve society. The top prize went to a containerized microgrid at the Ayillo II … [Read more...]

Destination Hybrid Success: Optimizing Microgrids for Resilience and EV Charging While Cutting Costs and Emissions

In this video, you'll learn how modeling and side-by-side comparison of technical and economic performance of various system configurations helped minimize risks and enable the successful development of two grid-connected, hybrid microgrids. Learn how project developer Rivermoor Energy worked with town leaders in Yarmouth, Massachusetts to develop … [Read more...]

Microgrid 2022 Welcome & Opening Remarks with Ken Horne, Elisa Wood & Mike Fischette

We officially kick off the Microgrid 2022 conference with this video. Master of Ceremonies Ken Horne, Microgrid Knowledge Editor-in-Chief Elisa Wood set the stage for the two-day event. Mike Fischette, CEO of Philadelphia based Concord Engineering, also introduces Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney. Featured speakers include: This … [Read more...]

Travel Insurance: Why Mass Transit Is Coming to Rely on Microgrids

Mass transit leaders are increasingly coming to rely on microgrids for resilience. In this video, we'll look at three such examples. Nicole Geneau of AlphaStruxure and Michael Yambrach of the Montgomery county, MD Office of Energy and Sustainability present the case of Montgomery county, Maryland. Montgomery county has an ambitious carbon … [Read more...]

Microgrids for Agriculture: Simple and Practical Energy Solutions

Energy reliability and the rising costs of electricity are among the energy challenges facing food growers and producers today. These challenges are driving the need for simple and practical solutions that provide the agriculture industry with on-site, clean power generation. An energy-as-a-service microgrid offers a simple solution for the … [Read more...]

Microgrid California: Interactive Leadership Session

Keying in on discussions from the one-day Microgrid California educational forum, panelists and audience members discuss takeaways and questions from the event. Four microgrid industry leaders will reflect on the information presented during the Microgrid California event, as well as what they see going forward in the future. Audience members had … [Read more...]

Microgrids for Government, Communities and CCAs

When climate disasters strike, the public counts on a quick response from government. But power outages undercut vital government services, such as water treatment, public safety, and mass transit. That is why so many communities, cities and even the military are turning to microgrids. What can be done to speed the transition to and adoption of … [Read more...]

Microgrids for Education and Campuses

California’s higher education institutions are renowned worldwide. They also are leaders in microgrids. Hear from schools that now operate microgrids and those that are soon to join them. Learn what they’ve learned about the journey in this panel discussion on education and campus microgrids. The discussion is moderated by Ken Horne, Microgrid … [Read more...]

Microgrids for Agriculture and the Food Industry

California produces over 1/3 of US vegetables and 2/3 of its fruits and nuts. So anything that gets in the way of its ability to grow, harvest, produce and distribute food creates repercussions far beyond its borders — making reliable energy paramount for agriculture. This panel offers examples of successful microgrids used in the food industry and … [Read more...]

Microgrids & Government

In this panel discussion, Congressman Jimmy Panetta joins Cameron Brooks, executive director of Think Microgrid, and Peter Asmus, research director at Guidehouse, to discuss microgrid policy. They discuss Panetta's MICROGRID act, the recently passed infrastructure bill, the pending Build Back Better bill, and the general awareness and understanding … [Read more...]