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New Tech, Gadgets Helping Balance Renewable Energy Resources in Today’s Electrical Grid

Lisa Cohn, managing editor at Microgrid Knowledge, interviewed Kay Aikin, CEO of Dynamic Grid, during Microgrid Global 2020. Cohn and Aikin discussed the vision of Dynamic Grid and how new technology is helping balance renewable energy resources in the electrical grid.   "Dynamic Grid's vision is really to enable the autonomous … [Read more...]

Lessons from Microgrids for the COVID-19 Crisis

Trevor Gionet and Kay Aikin of Introspective Systems explain how flattening the COVID-19 curve is much like managing the grid with microgrids and demand response. There are parallels between COVID-19 responses and the management of the electrical grid of the future. Concepts like “flattening the curve” and” self-quarantine” are concepts not … [Read more...]

Transactive Energy and Blockchain: Can Technology Tackle Our Big Challenges?

The business world is smitten with blockchain, with energy no exception. Blockchain can solve some challenges posed by distributed energy and transactive energy pricing, but it is just a start. Kay Aikin, CEO of Introspective Systems explains. It’s easy to understand why blockchain is hot -- this technology offers a new approach to … [Read more...]

Toward Market-based Microgrid Control Systems: Inside Brunswick Landing

Kay Aikin of Introspective Systems describes the value of market-based microgrid control systems, as applied to an innovative project under development in Maine. The largest machine on earth is often said to be our electrical grid. By the end of 2016 there were some 7,600 power plants greater than 1 MW and many smaller resources, as well as a … [Read more...]

The Future of Grids, Micro and Macro?

Microgrids and the macrogrid are evolving because of their interplay and the growing use of renewables, analytics, and intelligent software. What will this mean to energy delivery in the future? What kind of new services can we expect? In this panel discussion, innovators from Dynamic Grid, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Grid Strategies, … [Read more...]

How Microgrids Make Money: A Tutorial on Ancillary Services, Demand Response, Transactive Energy and other Ways Microgrids Earn Their Keep

Microgrids can generate revenue in many different ways - some are obvious, but others are not. Some microgrid revenue streams are high quality and reliable, while others may be less reliable but offer a lot of upside potential. In this video, we'll look at the different revenue models and revenue streams associated with microgrids. The panelists … [Read more...]

Reliability and Sustainability: Must They be at Odds?

Can all microgrids be 100% renewable, 100% reliable and still affordable? It’s a question that dogs the microgrid industry as it strives for low carbon energy production, but also must guarantee the power will not go out in places like hospitals and water plants. Fossil fuel generators often act as backstops at critical facilities. This week … [Read more...]

How Microgrids Fare in the Biden Infrastructure Plan

With weather and climate-related disasters rising, President Joe Biden wants to bolster infrastructure resilience by spending billions on energy storage, renewable energy and electric vehicles — all components of microgrids. Biden’s proposed infrastructure plan calls for spending $2.3 trillion over eight years as well as extending clean … [Read more...]

The Texas Grid is the Latest Too-Big-to-Fail Story

Blame is being assigned at warp speed for the massive power outages on the Texas grid, but the most basic danger isn’t being discussed: Big grids by their nature are prone to big failures. That’s not to say we should do away with large grids — they offer an efficient way to deliver power to many people over a dispersed geography. But as … [Read more...]

Free Registration Closes Today for Microgrid 2020 Global. Register Now.

A confluence of events is heightening interest in microgrids just in time for Microgrid 2020 Global, Nov. 17-19, a free event that promises to be Microgrid Knowledge’s most exciting gathering yet. Thousands of participants have already registered for the content rich and highly interactive virtual conference. Free registration ends at midnight … [Read more...]