Net Metering and Microgrids: Do Your Homework

net metering and microgrids

Net metering and microgrids can go hand-in-hand, but first you have to do your homework. Across the country, utilities are challenging net metering projects and laws, resulting in time-consuming delays and expensive charges and rate adjustments for some —and thwarted net metering projects for others. Utilities successfully challenged net … [Read more...]

Federal Support Promotes Microgrid Technology: Pew Report

microgrid technology

Microgrid technology is at the forefront of the nation’s evolving electric grid, says a new paper "Distributed Generation: Cleaner, Cheaper, Stronger: Microgrids in the Evolving Power System," released by the The Pew Charitable Trusts at this week's Advanced Research Products Agency- Energy (ARPA-E) Summit in Washington, D.C. This excerpt describes … [Read more...]

Getting People’s Eyes & Hands on Microgrids with Exploration Station

Getting people's hands on microgrids

People who don't understand microgrids--or energy in general--can get their eyes and hands on microgrids with a portable Microgrid Exploration Station created by the Wisconsin Energy Institute. The exploration station is a great way of visualizing how microgrids operate--and also better understand how energy flows in general, says John Greenler, … [Read more...]

Waste-to-Energy Microgrid Test at Hawaii Air Force Base…and Other Quick Microgrid News

The Hawaii Air National Guard’s 154th Wing at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam (JBPHH) will be the site of a $6.8 million waste-to-energy microgrid test. The demo tests the viability of using renewable energy and microgrids to assure that the Air Force can continue mission critical operations regardless of the state of the public utility grid or … [Read more...]

Water Heaters: As Sexy as Tesla?

Soon our water heaters may give us a lot more than hot showers.  New technology lets water heaters provide services to our electric grid. Margaret McCall of the Rocky Mountain Institute explains how. Of all the new tech emerging on the energy landscape, water heaters seem an unlikely contender. Alongside battery players like Tesla, with its Model … [Read more...]

Are Distributed Energy Resources Tangled in California’s Regulatory Web?

distributed energy resources

Vidhya Prabhakaran of Davis Wright Tremaine calls for California regulators to untangle a web of regulatory proceedings snaring progress for distributed energy resources. The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has spent a great deal of time and effort to reach the very broad, generic, and long-term goal to: deploy distributed energy … [Read more...]

Why HP Hood Installed a 15-MW Industrial Microgrid: Hint. Milk Sours.

industrial microgrid

No one likes power outages. But dairy manufacturers really don't like them. And it's easy to see why. If the power goes out for even just a moment, the dairy plant may have to shut down for 6 to 12-hours. How can such a short blip have such a big impact? It comes down to food safety requirements, explained Dennis McNutt, HP Hood utility … [Read more...]

Tackling the Unreasonable Dream to Light up the Himalayas

Light up the Himalayas

It wasn’t the narrow passes and cliff drops. Nor was it the rough terrain, the prospect of nights sleeping in the mountain wilds, lack of money…snow leopards. No, what stymied Paras Loomba on his mission to light up the Himalayas were the horses. How do you convince a horse that a solar panel is not a threat?  How do you make a solar microgrid … [Read more...]

University Team in Milwaukee Works to Avert the Next Big Electrical Blackout

electrical blackout

It wasn’t a natural disaster or high demand that caused an electrical blackout in the northeastern United States in summer 2003. A high-voltage power line in Ohio brushed against overgrown trees, causing it to shut down, and touching off a domino effect of disabled lines. For the next two days, 50 million people in eight states were left without … [Read more...]

Energy Intelligence Is Essential to Smarter Energy Use

Exactly what kind of energy system might a dog lover living in a house built in the 1990s be likely to install? Tendril's Chris Black explains how energy intelligence opens the door for deep insight into people and how they live. We citizens of the world must change the way we consume energy. Both the recent climate change agreement in Paris along … [Read more...]