Engineering Firm Makes Energy Predictions for 2016 and Beyond

A team of experts at UK engineering firm Max Fordham make environmental and energy predictions for 2016. They emphasize reducing energy consumption and prioritizing the health and well-being of building occupants. The full list of Max Fordham’s energy predictions for 2016 is as follows: Infrastructure-scale solutions to climate … [Read more...]

Lions, Pizza & the Energy Internet of Things

Back in the old days, the electric grid was pretty straight-forward.  Power plants generated electricity and sent it over wires to homes and businesses. Then came the energy internet of things. The things -- such as solar panels, learning thermostats, electric vehicles, energy storage and even human idiosyncrasy – add tremendous … [Read more...]

LBNL Wins Grant for Renewable Microgrid at Military Base & Other Quick Microgrid News

A Lawrence Berkeley National Lab group has won a grant from the Department of Defense to create a cyber-secure renewable microgrid and commercial-ready control system for rapid adoption. The Grid Integration Group at LBNL won the grant for a "Modular, Secure, and Replicable Microgrid Control System for Generation and Storage Management at … [Read more...]

Renewable Microgrids Get Boost from Extension of U.S. Tax Credits

Congress gave a boost to renewable microgrids last week with a multi-year extension of tax credits for solar, wind and other distributed energy resources (DER). The credits were part of a $1.1 trillion omnibus budget and tax extender package approved by the House and Senate and quickly signed by President Barack Obama. Generation often … [Read more...]

Is the US on the Verge of an Outbreak of Pro-Energy Efficiency Legislation?

Details about recent pro-energy efficiency legislation and other quick energy efficiency news for this week... You probably heard that the U.S. Congress extended tax credits for solar energy last week. But did you know energy efficiency was a winner too? As part of an omnibus budget appropriations and tax extenders bill, Congress approved the … [Read more...]

Appliance Standards Change the World in 2015 – Quietly  

Appliance standards don’t get the same attention as international climate talks in Paris or renewed U.S. solar tax credits. Yet they have a profound impact on the environment and energy economy -- especially the historic standards announced last week by the U.S. government. The Department of Energy (DOE) issued new standards for rooftop air … [Read more...]

Survey: Many Building Owners Confused About Energy Management Options

A recent survey by Mach Energy found that building owners think they need building management systems before they can implement energy management measures, says Mach Energy president Jon Moeller in this podcast (click on the player above to listen). Responding to the survey from Mach Energy were about 800 building professionals-- responsible with … [Read more...]

BGE Plans Public Purpose Microgrids Across Central Maryland

Baltimore Gas & Electric (BGE) has launched a plan to build public purpose microgrids across central Maryland, starting in Howard County and Baltimore. The Exelon subsidiary proposed the microgrids late last week in a filing before the Maryland Public Service Commission. The first two microgrids will supply 2-3 MW and are expected to cost … [Read more...]

Connecticut Plans 13-MW Naval Base Microgrid; Includes Nearby Community

naval base microgrid planned

Connecticut is planning a naval base microgrid -- tentatively sized at 13 MW and estimated to cost over $1 billion -- to ensure reliability for a naval submarine base. The state Office of Military Affairs is now identifying a combination of private, state and federal funding for the project, said Bob Ross, OMA's executive director. The goal … [Read more...]

The Utility-Microgrid Relationship: Dogs, Cats and a Dichotomy

The utility-microgrid relationship gets scrutinized a lot by microgrid companies. And for good reason. Many have built their business models around partnering with utilities; others compete with utilities for customers. Utilities are the dominant players in the electricity industry, and they have close ties to customers. So what do customers … [Read more...]